Makhrik Swarm


The Makhrik are an galactic insectoid race. They actually comprise an entire space-faring ecosystem comprised of innumerable different bioforms which are all variations on the same genetic theme.

The Makhrik are dedicated solely to their own survival, propagation and evolutionary advancement. They collectively form a monstrous superorganism that travels across the universe in their great biomechanical fleets systematically consuming all other biomatter to enable their own rapid evolution and reproduction.

The Makhrik are likened to a galactic swarm consuming everything in its path, feeding on entire worlds and leaving only dead husks in their wake. Their threat is such that an unprotected planet can be infested and stripped clean of all its organic material in a matter of solar weeks without even slowing down the advance of its ships.

They have evolved sophisticated methods for facilitating genetic transfer across species boundaries. As a result, a significant goal of any invasion is acquisition of useful new biological traits from other lifeforms.

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