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- "I am Nomad and you will hear my words!"

I will not lie to you. The High Council can afford no quarter, because they can afford no Truth! We all die this night!"

He let these words ring into silence.

"I know nothing of the Afterlife. I know nothing of the Gods or their greed for glory. But I do know this: In days to come, widows shall curse me as they weep! Fields shall go to seed! Sons and daughters shall be sold into slavery! Fathers shall die desolate, knowing their line is extinct! This night. I shall carve my mark into the High Council forces and thousands shall cry out for want of my mercy!"

And the spark became flame.

"Nomad!" we roared. Nomad!"

"We are warriors of the ages...ages. We have dipped our blades in a thousand hearts. We have ridden the tides of the void in the great wars that authored this wilderness. We have erased Empires from the pages of history, blotted whole suns in our path. We are The Armada made flesh. Demons! Demons! For a thousand years! Taking their wives! Strangling their children! Striking down their fathers! For a thousand years we have stalked them. And tonight we end this war!!!!

And we erupted at his words.

"Void Reaver!" we roared. "Void Reaver!" -

Words of the Archangel Nomad to the assembled Armadan forces before the battle of the Silence System as told by the survivors among the brethern.

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