Haunted Graveyard

Location - Novachek System - Aria 9 Space Station

It was a long and somewhat boring trip, which allowed Gideon to make all the needed repairs to the ship aka the Dragonfly. Meanwhile Kali and Walker were keeping busy working on the ship or resting up. Since the Dragonfly was a small ship there was little in the way of recreation other than busy work.

By this time Walker was low on money and patience since the last job was a bust so far and actually cost him money. Gideon on the other hand managed to gain a lot of intel he found could be useful in the future so it was not a total loss. To make up for it Kali planned to sell the crystals she stole back on the botched mission to make up for their failure.

Walker wanted to go with Kali on her transaction but was once again denied due to the rules of the transaction. Kali's client was a bit over protective when it came to business. Since Gideon still had trust issues he planted a nano spider on Kali to keep tabs on her without her knowledge. So when she finally met her client, Gideon was able to see how things went. The client tried to wheel and deal but Kali held her ground and got a very good price for the crystals. So after her deal concluded and both parties left with a satisfied feeling Kali returned with her share of the profits to split with them. After a three way split Kali thanked them and left on her own again. She liked Walker and Gideon but she still had her own agenda to work on.

So Gideon and Walker bid her farewell as she left on her own. Seeing as they needed to stock up on supplies and fuel the two men went ahead and began shopping. After securing food, Gideon began buying cheap junk again. Unknown to the sellers, Gideon was able to turn junk into a useful manner. This allowed him to stretch his credits and maximize his results. He was planning to make some ship and mech upgrades as well as some to his staff. Walker on the other hand was buying personal items like razors, booze, ammo and useful gadgets. Since it was going to be the two of them again they needed to pick up some work before they loose their opportunity.

So while Gideon made his way back to the ship to work on his upgrades, Walker headed to the bar to work on getting some work. A few hours passed as Walker eavesdropped a lot and made a lot of small talk till he finally found the right group to talk to. Meanwhile Gideon was upgrading the four mechs and the scanners on the Dragonfly.

Sadly many of the jobs available involved robbery, smuggling, theft and COD, (Charge On Delivery), which would not set well for Walker. However he did catch wind of a dangerous salvage site that was in high demand. Apparently it was near a hostile planet and was left untouched since it had unpredictable phenomena near it like gravity shifts, insane readings and random engine failure. Normally Walker would avoid such a place but he felt it was work it to talk it over with Gideon first since he was very knowledgeable on such topics. So he called it a day and headed back to his ship to talk to Gideon.

After talking the plan over with Gideon they looked into the star charts to get more info on the mission. According to the ships logs the planet was victim to the last war and the area was laid to waste. Lost of debris was left behind and many unexplained phenomena created many bad rumors of the place being haunted. Among the rumors were loss of power, scrambled scanners, scrambled coms, unexplained movement and even missing ships that never came back from the salvage. Due to this many salvagers avoided the area.

Walker was hoping he could get Gideon to help him make a profit from this kind of job. As Gideon analyzed the data he began to get some clues to help him understand what he was seeing. He looked at Walker spoke up, "Its rather a lot like our first job together." Walker nodded and replied, "Yeah I was thinking the same thing. If we can pull it off we will not have to worry about money for a while." Gideon nodded at Walker, "Yeah last time we did well with only a small percent of that score. Of course if it gets ugly........" Walker nodded, "We bug out no questions. Money is useless on the dead and foolish". Gideon replied, "My thoughts exactly. Though it would be nice to get more help." Then Gideon looked at Alpha and rubbed his chin a bit before he spoke up again. Gideon said, "Hmmmmm..........perhaps I can upgrade the mechs to compensate for our lack of personnel." Walker replied, "That would be a big help. We can get more man power and spend less coin. I'll leave it to you then."

Gideon then began to get to work on upgrading the four mechs known as Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. In the beginning they were made from the remains of a dozen broken battle droids. Over time Gideon added upgrades to their design, tools, programming, scanners, circuits and armor. However he did not upgrade their appearance on purpose to make others drop their guard around them. Since they looked like broken down robots any enemy would not them them as a serious threat especially since their weapons were hidden and could be switched out. To add to their upgrades Gideon added a cyber link with them so he could control them with higher precision from a longer distance. With multi-layered processing he control all four of them at the same time and that included the ship as well. This time instead of Gideon and Walker taking the big risk they could send two of the mechs to investigate first and collect what they could in the process.

Location - Turrin System - Thessia Prime

After a week Gideon was able to make the upgrades he needed and Walker had already resupplied the ship while still having money to spare. They set off on their mission and made sure they were not followed before changing directions and heading to their destination. It was a long and quiet flight as Gideon focused on maintaining his tech and Walker flew the Dragonfly alone. Now and then they would talk over a meal or if something important came up but both men were not big on small talk. So after a month they made it to their destination and from the window they could see the massive space graveyard.

It was both a breathtaking and scary sight to behold as the silence of death was looming over the place. The planet known as Thessia Prime was once a lush blue and green planet teeming with life till the war. Now its a red lifeless planet surrounded by space debris. Apparently after the Armada left the Turrin System under went some changes and Thessia gain a bigger gravitational force that pulled the debris around it to form a series of rings (like Saturn). The contrast to the sparkling rings and the red dusty planet have spread many rumors. Many have tried to retrieve the loot from this graveyard only to find misfortune. Once they were in place Gideon added jetpacks, weapons and special tools to his mechs, Alpha and Beta, since they were going to be controlled by him via his cyber neural link. Since they did not need air the investigation could take longer and they could handle extreme conditions. Gideon also enhanced their multi-phased shielding in case of interference.

Gideon sat in one of the chairs and buckled himself in to keep from falling out. he then set up his neural link and commanded Alpha and Beta to head to the air hatch. Once the two mech were launched from the hatch they were guided by Gideon and their jet packs. They landed on a large chunk of a battle ship and began investigating the debris. At first they found the usual junk that was preserved by the lack of air of space. The scrap and body remains were unsettling for Gideon as he could see through the eyes of both mechs. This image was shared with Walker on the video screen as, Walker sipped his coffee and monitored the scans in case of danger. Even though Gideon was sitting strapped to a chair nearby in the cockpit, Walker was talking to him through the monitor.

As the two mechs continued on they found a few data nodes to collect from. Using the Black Box provided by Gideon Beta collected the data while Alpha guarded Beta. The Black Box was a convenient device made by Gideon to bypass security and viruses to collect data from nodes. This went on for the next few hours till something tried to interfere with the mech's scanners and power. Gideon had them back up and ran a multi sectorial scan and discovered one of the mysteries. There was a very good reason that others feared this phenomenon since it would cause an unprotected ship's computer to scramble its circuits. Since the ship's computer maintained the life support it was a death sentence for the crew. Walker wondered how many salvage crews died before Gideon figured that out.

What Gideon found was the result of a Singularity that is a dark energy sphere to create an intense mass effect field. The field creates a warp in the space around it, creating a gravity well akin to a black hole. Anything nearby is drawn into the Singularity and held briefly helpless in orbit. The singularity will drain and absorb any shields and ship's power over time. Apparently this ship was using this experimental technology to disarm enemy attackers like bandits. However once the field was damaged it would drain the same ship it was made to protect. Seeing that they could go no farther they left the battle ship and flew to other smaller ships where they could lot their data caches and collect valuable supplies. Walker adjusted the Dragonfly to stay within range of Alpha and Beta.


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