Angel Eyes

Location - Turrin System - Thessia Prime

What Gideon found was the result of a Singularity that is a dark energy sphere to create an intense mass effect field. The field creates a warp in the space around it, creating a gravity well akin to a black hole. Anything nearby is drawn into the Singularity and held briefly helpless in orbit. The singularity will drain and absorb any shields and ship's power over time. Apparently this ship was using this experimental technology to disarm enemy attackers like bandits. However once the field was damaged it would drain the same ship it was made to protect. Seeing that they could go no farther they left the battle ship and flew to other smaller ships where they could lot their data caches and collect valuable supplies. Walker adjusted the Dragonfly to stay within range of Alpha and Beta.

Hours passed by as Alpha and Beta moved form one broken ship to another. Every now and then they would collect some data caches, rare crystals or rare items and put them in their backpacks. Oddly enough they found a few more scattered battleships with a semi active fluctuating Singularity power source on board. Since Gideon found a way to identify them with a modified scanner they were able to avoid getting in range of the phenomena of the Singularity. Despite settling for scrapes of treasure and data caches, Gideon and Walker agreed to play it safe and not get greedy. Some of the ships they found seemed to be from salvage crews and contained some decent loot onboard.

This continued on for many more hours till they found the remains of a Merchant ship from an old company called Mattel. According to Walker Mattel Industries was involved in many aspects of service including food production, everyday technology and even military weaponry. They were put out of business after the big war since the galactic economy fell apart. Every now and then some of their products appear in the second hand market and go for a pretty price. So as Alpha and Beta continued their search they found a lot of loot onboard the broken ship. It was to the point that Gideon had to launch a transport crate with guided thrusters to Alpha and Beta so they could fill it with the loot and send it back to the Dragonfly several times. The loot contained credits, technology, data caches, power crystals and weapons. Of course the big find was a large coffin containing what appeared to be a woman inside.

Walker didn't want to deal with it, but Gideon insisted they take it back to the Dragonfly. This upset Walker till Gideon told him she was an bio mechanical android. Seeing as Gideon wanted a better mech, Walker gave in and helped keep the ship steady. Once the merchant ship was looted clean Alpha and Beta came back onboard to recharge. During that time Gideon began analyze the coffin and bypass the security till he was successful. Then the coffin lid opened and Gideon looked to see a very beautiful woman inside. She opened her eyes and saw Gideon as a voice in the coffin activated, "Voice activation of imprinted initializing. State your name."

Gideon replied, "Gideon." Then a light from the coffin scanned Gideon and confirmed him as the owner of the Angel 009 Series Assassin Battle Android. Gideon smirked as he nodded at Angel. Angel then got up and looked around to scan her environment. Gideon noticed she was wearing a rather revealing leather outfit and figured she had a undercover/spy program as well. She was full of questions as Gideon explained who he was and his mission and the members of the crew. Angel quietly absorbed all the info and nodded. She then asked Gideon what form he preferred since she could modify her form, but Gideon liked her the way she was. Gideon then invited Walker and the other mechs to meet and greet Angel. It was an odd greeting of sorts but it was nice to have a new face among the crew.

After some much needed rest Gideon had Angel join Alpha and Beta on the rest of the salvage mission. They spent a good month looting what they could and though it was bit by bit they ended up with a large haul by the end. Though they had to avoid the battleships due to the Singularities, they still found a lot of loot. Once they were satisfied with their findings they found a safe pace to hole up as they sorted through their findings. Some stuff they planned to sell and some stuff they planned to keep. Gideon was glad to find stuff he could use to upgrade the mechs later on. Angel was curious about her new master and observed him like a child watching her parent. Gideon remained patient since he wanted to see how competent Angel was.

After some sleep, Gideon woke up to find Angel staring at him. Apparently she was watching him sleep the whole time out of curiosity. As unnerving as it was Gideon created a neural link with her to teach her common manners and an understanding of the current time, history and cultures he knew about. He was hoping this would help her fit in when they made their way back to any space station.


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