The Fall of Aranea

- Arkady Sunlion field journal - Musings -

"Aranea, officially known as Red Spider, was a terrestrial planet originally classified as the furthest known planet from the Centre of the galaxy.

It was the third world of the Aranea System, and its surface contained a wide variety of terrain types and ecosystems, including frozen tundras, temperate savannas, wind-swept mountains and the great native sequoia tree jungles..

Aranea guarded the only known navigable route to and from the massive black hole rift known as the Aranea Oculus, a passage simply known as the Gate. The world's dangerous proximity to the black hole made it necessary for the people of Aranea to heavily fortify the planet during the height of the Gek Dominion and the Vy'keen rebellions. The planet was always a desirable target for the First Spawn. Control of the Oculus was needed for massive assaults into the heart of the inner core systems that the Gek desired above all else.

Aranea's natural environment contained a large ocean that covered 65 percent of the planet's surface. The land mass of the world was divided between incredibly thick jungles of sequoia trees and vast glaciers plains. The planet was slightly cooler than most in nearby regions but not to the point that it adversely affected growing conditions. Aranea came to be an odd mix of dense urban areas and vast open tundra and other natural landscapes unspoiled by the hands of its colonists.

Settled before the onset of the Age of the Travellers by a branch of humanoids that eventually fell to worshiping of the Black Hole always visible in their night sky which played a major role in the ultimate resistance to the constant Gek's invasions

The world's landscape was dotted by strange and ancient grey obelisks of clear xeno origin referred to as Saturni. Carbon dating evidence showed that the structures devices actually constructed millions of standard cycles ago to harness the power of the nearby black hole. The Saturni Obelisks were actually a sub-space network that had created the unusual properties of the black hole and kept it stable, allowing it to be used as a form of wormhole across vast distances in the Galaxy, connecting the Inner systems to the edges.

Disaster struck at the climax of the Dominion's Fallen Crusade. Lord Arzur, the Butcher of Fural, the Gek general leading the last attempt to capture the system gave up on his personal attempt to bring the world's defenders low and instead sent the bulk of the Flagstone space fortress Celestial Might crashing into the surface of Aranea like an artificial meteor.

The monstrous kinetic strike wiped out most of Aranea's defenders, destroyed the network of obelisks and tectonically destabilised the world before the planet finally ripped itself apart.

The Fall of Aranea is seen by many as the major precursor to the rebellions in the outer edges of the Galaxy against the Gek Dominion."

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