Fegon III

A rocky desert lit by a wan yellow sun. The plants take the shape of giant black geodesic domes. The apex predators on Fegon III inject their prey with digestive enzymes. They have many eyes on stalks, which frequently drop off and regrow.

This planet is the subject of a famous poem by a famous poet who clearly never visited it. The air contains pheromones that induce insatiable anger which can drive anyone that visits to madness without the proper

Full of red mud and small rivulets. Large water-filled caves are present just beneath the surface. There is the occasional light blue shrub with brown warts dotted along its many banks. A desert of jagged rocks makes up the main continent of the planet. A network of tunnels extends under much of it's surface home to clans of waring natives that vie for the planets scarce resources.

The planet is used by many groups of smugglers and Armadan deserters since the end of Bloodshed Uprising and has become something of a haven for the scum of the galaxy.

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