The Next Job

Location - Turrin System - Thessia Prime

After some sleep, Gideon woke up to find Angel staring at him. Apparently she was watching him sleep the whole time out of curiosity. As unnerving as it was Gideon created a neural link with her to teach her common manners and an understanding of the current time, history and cultures he knew about. He was hoping this would help her fit in when they made their way back to any space station.

Since the flight back was long and uneventful, the crew worked on ship maintenance and upgrades with the resources they decided to keep. With Gideon, Walker, Angel and the four mechs Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta they were able to improve the shields, weapons, engines and systems by ten percent. This was pleasing since any improvement to the Dragonfly improved the odds of survival. Though ten percent seemed small to many, over all Gideon had already doubled the stats of the original Dragonfly that was already old and mothballed. So now the Dragonfly was double the quality of a standard version. His small improvements here and there were adding up. The Dragonfly was practically a new and better ship.

However making a ship more valuable is dangerous since it attracts pirates, so to reduce the odds of ship theft, Gideon deliberately made the appearance look worn out. So on the outside it looked like an old ship barely working, but on the inside it was a state of the art ship. Gideon added extra cameras, sensors and fire extinguishers inside the ship so they could monitor each room in case of a problem as well as put out fires. It was ironic that Walker and Gideon worked on the ship more than they ate together or socialized off the clock. Since both seemed to be private men they were married to their work. So Gideon mainly socialized with Angel and the four mechs to improve them.

Location - Novachek System - Aria 7 Space Station

After arriving at Aria 7 Space Station they docked and began the procedures to get refueled. This way they could quickly escape in a hurry if things went bad. After updating Angels programming to include bodyguard work along with general combat, firearms, melee combat, espionage, and spy work, Gideon made her some armor and gave her some weapons since she was going to work as the bodyguard for the ship and crew. Walker was hesitant at first till Gideon convinced him Angel would watch his back during his wheeling and dealing.

Walker agreed it would help to have the extra muscle around. Gideon kept a neural link with Angel as a precaution and to help her adjust to her new assignment and changing environment. Walker then worked with Gideon to secure the crates they were going to sell to their client. Once everything was set Walker and Angel made their way to the bar to meet with the client and discuss the details of the transaction before the crates were released to the businessman and bodyguards of the client.

So Walker and Angel arrived at the bar and waited at the bar till a minion invited them to a private booth. The client looked like a mob hitman, especially surrounded by his pirate looking goons. Walker was walking on pins and needles as he approached the booth to sit down and discuss business. Angel stood behind him with a polite smile as her eyes moved around. The goons felt more at ease than usual since they were not intimidate by Angel in the least. All they saw was a cute woman modeling combat gear. If they only knew she was a military grade android, they would not be so gullible.

So knowing all this the client tried to lowball Walker with the price now cut in half on the deal with an excuse that his finances were hurt by the local pirates. He was playing it off as he was being generous with Walker by doing business with him. Walker smiled and finished his drink before he put it down and sighed as he apologized to the client. The client was confused as Walker told him he already had a second buyer who was willing to pay double and since he wanted to honor the deal with his client he was not going to accept it unless the client breaks the original contract/deal. The client was upset as Walker stood up and smiled as he stepped back behind Angel who was still smiling at everyone.

The client was not sure if Walker was bluffing since he was eager to walk away from the deal without even pushing it. Then As Walker and Angel were heading out of the bar he called them back more than once. Walker and Angel slowly returned with a confused expression on his face as he asked why he was called back? The client seemed annoyed as he summoned them back. The client tried to play it off like a joke and agreed to the original price as before. Walker questioned his actions since he was eager to sell his merch for double the price since the deal was broken by the client. This did not set well with the client who needed to save face in this deal. Then the two men began discussing the deal again as Walker wanted double and client wanted the original price. This continued till Walker removed a small container from his hip and opened it before the client to reveal some very rare crystals with unique specs.

Walker offered to add them to the deal if the price was doubled. The client smiled as he saw the crystals with his robotic eye to verify their authenticity. Since they were both happy they agreed on the doubled price and the client called his men to pay double and pay Gideon as they verify and take the crates from the Dragonfly. The transaction went a lot smoother that expected as the guards took the crates away. It was odd that they didn't have any trouble with a deal considering their past. Angel was her usual chipper self as she smiled a lot while working.

Once the client was gone, Walker, Gideon and Angel did some shopping for food, resources and looking for work. Sadly they could not find any work so they would have to move on again. As usual Gideon found a lot of cheap junk he could use to improve the mechs and ship so he bought it with a smile. After getting back to the Dragonfly they loaded their cargo and left the station since they had to pay the dock fee per day. Once in space they made sure they were not followed before they resupplied the food bins. Then they got to work on the upgrades as Walker tried to figure out the next destination.


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