A First Step

It was a vast star field that greeted Caldan when he arrived on the bridge of Amer's Toll. Console lights and a few floor and wall lights lit the otherwise dim interior of the bridge, crewmen already running system checks after system checks. And out in space, the flicker of distant stars replaced the near darkness of the sky he had grown so used to. It was almost alien to him.

It should not have been. When the Armada stripped Mira Posa of everything, they had taken their technology. Everything was gone. But the slow build back had finally paid off, salvaged raider hulls and xeno tech with a dash of ingenuity and dangerous amounts of assumptions leading to now. Their small system was explored once again, a small fleet of explorer ships soon turned to warships.

Wherever the Armada was, Mira Posa would never suffer the same fate again.

The call was given that all systems were functional after their hyperdrive test. Caldan merely stood at the center of the bridge. All was going according to plan. It was now that they would explore the quadrant, scouting and gathering intelligence. Their primary mission: find the aggressors and destroy them. It was one that would take decades and many trials but none could match their disdain for the Armada.

The captain gave the order to proceed with the actual hyperdrive jump. The courses were plotted and soon, the stars were streaking past at ludicrous speeds. He tightened his clasped hands behind his back. They would be in unknown territory with this jump.


It was a flash of blue and red that the light cruiser exited FTL into the local star cluster. Sensors were already picking up numerous comm traffic sources as he glanced about. "Are we detected?" Neurostein asked.

"Negative, we appear to be in the Oort Cloud of our jump point."

"Shunt emissions to internal sinks, rig us for silent running."

"Aye aye, sir."

"Navigation," the captain spoke as he turned to face them. "Have we identified any system celestial objects?"

"Aye, sir. There appears to be sufficient traffic located at the third planet. Long range sensors have detected numerous drive emissions. However, it is inconclusive to the identity and number of vessels in local space."

Caldan paused for a moment before nodding. He had to be careful now. "Navigator, take us into the system. Z-plus thirty-four AUs of solar plane," was his order.

The engines fired up as the light cruiser moved out of ice graveyard of solar birth.

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