The Nomad Salvager

Long ago in a galaxy far far away, there existed a secret Society called the Techno-Mage Order. The Techno-Mage Order sought out to learn the secrets of the universe and keep them out of the hands of all who would misuse them. As a secret order they only recruited their children or orphans they adopted to ensure loyalty. The training and education was very intense as well as the pain of the implants they had imbedded into their body. This process allowed the Apprentice Techno-Mages to use their spells, which was a mysterious way to describe their manipulation of old Biomechanical technology to create various phenomenon.

Even though they were a peaceful order they were not a group easily found nor defeated, as they possessed old knowledge and technology that made them a force to be reckoned with. Gideon's life was a very rough one as his parents were in charge of gathering ancient technology and bringing it back to the Order. Sadly along the way they were killed by pirates trying to intercept the ancient technology. Gideon's father died defeating most of the pirates and his mother died protecting Gideon from harm during the attack. Since the Pirates had large numbers it was for two Techno-Mages to take on an army. Gideon was saved by his father's Master, Leo, who arrived in time to finish off the last of the pirates.

Gideon was inducted into the Techno-Mage Order as an orphan and was raised by his father's teacher, Master Leo. Gideon took his training seriously in hopes of getting revenge for his lost family. He went so far as to avoid making friends in the Order in order to train twice as hard. Early in his career he was said to have focused too much time on spells (uses rare technology to created phenom similar to magic) and not their presentation. Also, he had not yet developed his own style, instead mimicking the incantations of earlier techno-mages like Master Leo. Poor Gideon lacked imagination, which caused him to be looked down on by the elder Techno-Mages and mocked by the other apprentices. However as he matured he found he needed to change his stubborn ways in order to get stronger.

Then he met a female mage in the Order who rivaled his skill and mind. Gideon and his fellow Techno-mage, Isabelle, shared a very brief, but intense relationship toward the end of their training. Though the two were only involved for a short time, they developed a relationship in which they could speak volumes to one another without saying a word. As Gideon would say of her "She would make you happy with one word, hello." Her abilities as a techno-mage were at least on the same level as Gideon 's and they trained hard together to get stronger so they could obtain their future goals.

Shortly after their initiation as Techno-mages, Gideon was partnered with Isabelle in an assignment to gather evidence of the Pirate's stealing ancient technology being delivered to the Order. Not long after leaving their home, they traveled far where they met with Techno-Mages named Elizar and Tilar. After many attempts at convincing the two that there was a conspiracy within the Order and that they knew about the Pirate threat. Tilar who was a rogue Techno-mage appeared behind them and proceeded to open fire at Gideon and Isabelle. Isabelle was dealt a mortal blow by the rogue Techno-mage Elizar. Gideon barely had time to counter attack and kill Elizar and Tilar with a secret technique taught to him by Master Leo. After killing Elizar and Tilar he saw a gross bug resembling a centipede escape from their ears so he captured them to study later on. Hoping to save Isabelle he rushed to her side to give her first aid.

Soon after this, she succumbed to her injuries and died. Just prior to dying, she reassured her distraught beloved Gideon, that if there was a way, that she would contact him from the afterlife. Gideon was in anguish by the betrayal of Elizar and Tilar as well as the loss of his beloved Isabella. Sadly his mourning was cut short when he saw a fleet of Pirates heading to the base of the Order. He rushed to either warn them or aid them in combat, but he was not fast enough.

Gideon lost his cool and began a killing spree of the Pirates who found the Order's location through the traitors. Since the Order was unprepared and separated they barely held off the Pirate fleet before they were getting slaughtered by overwhelming numbers of pirates and ships. It was a brutal battle and in the end the Order of the Techno-Mages fell as they defeated the pirate attack. Once again Gideon was saved by a wounded Master Leo from a surprise attack from behind. While dying Master Leo gave Gideon an order and passcode to take the treasures of the Order to keep them safe and destroy the remains to keep them out of enemy hands. As a parting gift he combined his staff with Gideon's to upgrade him to a Master Techno-Mage so he could use the passcode.

Gideon was the sole survivor of a Pirate attack on the Order's colony. Though they defeated the pirates and traitors, Gideon was the last of his Order. He was distraught as everything he knew was taken from him by the pirates. He showed them no mercy on the battlefield and survived with only minor wounds. Knowing he could not let the ancient technology they had fall into their hands he followed the dying words of his Master Leo and absorb the ancient technology into his staff and destroy the remains to keep it from all enemies. However since he was not strong enough yet, many of the secrets locked in his staff were still inaccessible to him.

Seeing as he could not leave his fallen Techno-Mages like that he merged their staffs and collected their memories into his staff before burning their bodies so the Pirates could not exploit them. It was very painful to take Isabelle's memories since he was close to her but it was important to protect their knowledge and experiences for the future of the Order. The staff was connected to each Techno-Mage and worked like a super computer. Once he was done he tended to his wounds and rested a few days as he collected what supplies he could. He needed to leave the planet they were on before any Pirate back up arrived.

Since he needed funds to pay for his travel expenses he looted the pirates and their destroyed ships. Then he fixed up a damaged transport and left his home for the last time. Since he was not to familiar with the galaxy he was in he used the knowledge in his staff to guide him to planet he could sell his loot at. Sadly the trip was long and lonely since he was very far from the High Council center. After a long trip he arrived at a trading space station just in time before his ship became unusable. By chance he managed to sell the ship and it loot, but was not sure if he was taken for a ride since he lacked knowledge of the current currency being used. He was shocked to learn the High Council was destroyed by the Armada. As it turned out they were attacked roughly the same time.

Poor Gideon realized the whole ordeal must have been planned for a long time to achieve this feat. Seeing as he had a decent skill set and needed to travel a lot he decided to work as a traveling mercenary. He used what charm he had to get hired on a salvaging ship and worked a few jobs before moving on and on from ship to ship. He didn't want to stay on one ship to long since he knew trust and honor was a rare gem in the universe just like his staff. Even though no one but him could use it didn't mean there was no one foolish enough to try and steal it to hock. Gideon continued to bounce from ship to ship for the next decade.


They were calling it “The Battle of the Silence System.” Nyat Frost looked at the devastation and debris that filled the void of space ahead and could understand why. The site of one of the largest battles of the Bloodshed uprising.
From his captain chair he could see the singular unnamed planet in the distant through a haze of metallic dead husks of ships and its two broken moons. The forces unleashed here had been colossal. In a way this had been the battle that had truly crippled the High Council with such a defeat for the GDF. They had been broken that day by the hammer that was The Armada.
Frost grinned. In his mind eye he could see in a not so distant future what this place would become. Flocks of scavengers and treasure hunters racing to claim the spoils of this battle. Scans of the space ahead revealed thousands upon thousand of resources and potential wares to be claimed and turned into profit.
“Scans are positive, Captain.” said a woman with a blue exosuit from her station behind him. “Hull and power source traces confirm identity of the Nag‘Vina crashed on the surface of the 2nd moon.” Frost smiled. She was a Data-Serpent, a being that spent most of her time both in the flesh world and simultaneously cruising the webways of radio and digital comms, surfing places like the Dark Nexus and the Galactic Markets.
The High Council frigate was the first of its kind. A newer model, faster, sleeker, more fire power, bigger crews in a long line of vessels being developed by the Naval Shipyards of the ringed world of Revo. It was suppose to be the first in a long line of ships to replace the older fleet. ~Guess you did not make the grade…~ Frost grinned wondering how a rabble like the Armada had managed to defeat the High Council forces.
“Take us in Master Rook…” he told his helmsman. “Slowly… I want us to pick as many scans as we can on these Armadan vessels. Some of them look ancient.” He gazed at the info coming up on his screen. The teacher part of is being enthralled with what he was seeing. Parts of history that he never thought he would encounter in his wildest dreams. The Armada must have been around for millennia in some form or another looking at some of the destroyed vessels.
His heart almost stopped when he saw the wreck of a Bastior Wind-Galleon, a vessel he had only seen in ancient cartographers vids, belonging to the now extinct Dawers Caliphates of the Aurogar Expanse.
He knew that in the bowels of his ship his young team of Dirt-Worms and Scratchers were getting impatient to start exploring and claiming salvage and of course to study these ancient technologies. This is what they lived for. Something that the Old Guilds could no longer offer the young.
Next to him Walker stood rigid. His face white. He had not expected to be here again. But a job was a job and he was the best man for this particular job. The Nag'Vina had been his ship after all...

Gideon sat in what was used as the observation deck. He had been hired as a mercenary/salvager to aid in the salvage job since he had unique skills and a bit of experience in salvaging work. As usual he had no emotional connections to anyone and quietly did his work on the ship. Some crew members appreciated his professional and no questions asked attitude while others found it annoying. Gideon didn't care either way since he was not being paid to be their friend. When others pushed the idea of him being more social her would simply reply that if they wanted to have that form of life they should work in an office job.

So as he looked out the window he saw the devastation and debris that filled the void of space ahead. It was but a part of the remains of the fall of the High Council. As usual the sight only dredged up old painful memories of his past he wanted to put aside. Though he missed his people and Isabelle, it hurt to know they were gone like dust in the wind. Only he would remember them and mourn them now and when his time came the Order would be no more. Many time he contemplated recruiting members to recreate the Order again but these were dangerous times to be drawing attention to himself. So he shelved the idea in hopes one day he could start anew. Right now he worked to make a living and when he came across some dangerous ancient technology he absorbed it with his staff to render it useless. Since he moved from ship to ship it made it hard to pin the loss on him.

The one of the ship mates approached Gideon.

Shipmate: Yo Gideon! We are getting in range so get ready for a salvage job.

Gideon: Understood.

Shipmate: This will be dangerous one so take precautions. We might not be the only ones out here.

Gideon: Understood.

Gideon then adjusted his black exo-suit under his robe so he could use it out in space with ease. His staff was only six inches long and was attached to his hip as usual so it was hidden from the crew. He shrunk it on purpose to hide it easier. His black robe helped him conceal a great many things about himself. Since he lacked a station to work in he normally stayed where he was till he was needed. However it would not be long before the Captain called for him.


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