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Durkas system - Tempestas Rim

Nomad stood in the bridge of the Elder Vessel Rancour, looking out at the assembled vessels of the Armada.
Behind him the crew went about their usual business doing their best to stay out of his way.

He could not believe they were back after more than a decade. There were times he had doubted they would be back at their old hunting grounds.

Hundreds of vessels stood around the Elder Vessel in what looked like a chaotic patterns and formations to the untrained eye but that was fruit of thousands of skirmishes and void battles.

The other 4 Elder Vessels and their Holds were making similar journeys across the outer rim. Arriving after a long absence, returning home from what had been an impossible war. Arriving as pieces of living history. Coming back home as legends.

The Tempestas system was a collection of some 50 odd star systems in the furthest reaches of the known galaxy. It spanned thousands of light years across some of the most lawless and ruthless areas in the universe. The system had always been a haven for pirates, brigands and smugglers.

It had existed outside the High Council sphere of influence for aeons. It had always been The Armada's hunting grounds, and now like a pack of hunting orcas they were back home.

The losses had been immense. Desertion as well. Especially after the battle of the Silence System and the final battle at the Atlas near the Centre of the Galaxy, but those who had survived were some of the hardest and meanest fighters in the known Universe. People were already starting to refer to them as 'Veterans'.

They had of course picked new recruits and gang pressed several ships and crews into service. Assimilated into the great space beats that had always been the Armada. Hundreds if not thousands of liberated slaves and indentured beings eager to become free men among the rank and file.

With the GDF routed and the High Council destroyed along their precious Atlas their was no force in the known galaxy that could stand toe to toe with the pirate state. Not in numbers or power. Their fleet was still the largest in known space.

Ten years of bloody conflict. Raining ruin down on the fat and corrupt world's of the inner systems and now their were back. Back to enjoy the spoils of their conquest, to mourn their dead and celebrate.
He looked at the scars on his body. He had ran out of space on his flesh to mark the passing of his adversaries. Ran out of flesh to mark the killings to his name.

He thought of Lilith. She was still trying to track down any surviving Ether Foxes. He knew she was still holding out that Finn would somehow make his way to them. He doubted it. Even if he was alive, Finn was too proud to live among the ranks of the Armada. But many other Foxes had joined them. And that was enough for Lilith. To have some of her family close by.

News of several conflicts arising to fill the power vaccum left in the aftermath of the Bloodshed Uprising were already filtering through the usual channels.
The emergent USSF seemed to be gearing up to go to war with some Empire he had never heard of, near the core systems.

The galaxy would be dealing with the aftermath of their decade long campaign through to the Centre for decades to come.

He felt his fingers itch and he ran his hand through the handle of his trusted khukri knife.

War was like a drug to him. And although he had looked forward to their homecoming, Nomad knew the hunger in his soul for violence would rise again, soon.

He turned from the viewport. He had been tasked with rebuilding the Archangels.
But first a night of drinking.

Tomorrow he would start the process...

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