The Dremica War

Dremica System - in orbit over Renina-32, The Dremica homeworld

Fleet Admiral Stanko looked over the numerous reports coming over his many screens, as he sat on the bridge of 'The Pride of Cornidia'. The bridge was a hub of fervent activity.
It had been two months since the surprise suicide attacks of the Dremica and their allies against the USSF. One month since they had deployed their forces in what was no longer a liberating operation but a punitive expedition.

He had watched in the aftermath of the attacks as across the Union feelings of bitterness and hate for the cowardly Dremica had risen among the populations, with people taking to the streets demanding retribution from their leaders. A few thousand Dremica refugees that had fled the tyrannical new Dremica regime and seeked help and haven in the worlds of the USSF, found themselves the first target of the hate that swept across the Union. Most were killed outright wherever they were found. A few survivors were forced to flee once again as best they could often at the hands of unscrupulous people that turned out to be slavers or worse, bio-hackers.

Still recovering from the hardships of the Bloodshed Uprising by Armadan forces, the peoples of the Union had vowed never to be victims again or caught unwares. The many casualties of the suicide attacks had been a huge blow to the new and fledging regime and the stellar work they had done in the years since the end of the conflict.
Supreme Leader Zanikov and Admiral Fleet Stanko has been forced to change their plans. The expedition force doubled in size in less than a week, swelled by a record number of eager and bloodthirsty volunteers to the Armed Forces of the USSF.

In a speech that was transmitted across the inner systems of the Galaxy, Supreme Leader Zanikov Denoslav promised to destroy the Dremica's regime with swift and blind justice. And he warn their allies that the USSF would come for them too if they did not remove their support. The Union did not forgive.

One week after the first void engagements against the Dremica fleet and their allies, the USSF forces butchered their way across the sector in unstoppable blind rage, unsympathetic to the fact that many of their victims were living under the yoke of tyrants and had no saying in the actions of their mad leaders.

Now after a month of intense combat over the skies of Renina-32 Fleet Admiral Stank watched as the viral bombs wrecked havoc among the world below, all but exterminating every living beings below.

The viral payloads deployed a hideous, genetically-engineered pathogen called the 'Oppenheimer virus', intended to exterminate all forms of life in an inhabited planet's biosphere. The pathogen, once released in aerosol form from the bombs was extraordinarily virulent, capable of infecting every living thing, including flora, fauna and even bacteria on an entire world in only solar minutes if 100% orbital dispersal was achieved. The pathogen could penetrate even sealed environments.

The virus is designed to violently lyse living cells, essentially causing infected organisms to "melt" into a contaminated soup of organic matter. Entire forests and other plant matter can be reduced to this sludge in a short period of time, and individual animals die excruciating deaths as their bodies rapidly decay around them.
The incredibly rapid breakdown of organic matter results in the steady release of great volumes of highly flammable natural gas, much of it composed of methane.

Eventually, as the contamination spreads across the surface of the world, a single spark, a single lightning strike, or an intentional incendiary event, will cause this gas to ignite, sweeping the planet with an apocalyptic, global firestorm.
This intense heat will scour the world's surface back to bare rock as well as eradicate most of the remaining oxygen in the planet's atmosphere.

This was now what was being broadcast to the Galaxy. A stark and harrowing warning that the USSF was no longer to be trifled with and that any attacks and provocations would be met with zero tolerance.
As the images of the carnage swept across the many galaxy wide signals, the USSF Congress called for the unconditional surrender of the Dremica few allied races. The message was clear, 'Become vassal states or face annihilation.'

Fleet Admiral Stanko looked at his many screens and grinned. One month of war and the Dremica were no more. The USSF had arrived in the grand scheme of the Galaxy and no one would ever doubt the lengths they would go to ensure the Union's safety.

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