Elder vessel Rancour - Durkas system - Tempestas Rim

Lilith stretched languidly across the moist sheets of their bed. The small room they share heavy with the scent of physical exertion, sweat and other fluids. She ran her hand through her curly hair sighing deeply. The dim light of the chamber reflected across her caramel glistening skin and she felt his hungry eyes on her forms once again.
She grinned in the dark licking her lips, still tasting his. Who could have imagined that she would have found solace and such depths of pleasure with one such as him? Feeling his eyes on her, still hungry for her after the last few hours, pleased her in a way she could not properly express into words. And Lilith knew he felt something similar. As if their union filled the holes in each other's souls.

Nomad sat in the bed rolling his broad muscular shoulders, running a hand through his sweaty scalp. Lillith reached to touch his back. Her fingertips tracing the countless scars that covered it. In the darkness it was almost like touching a carved map of sorts. A fleshy map of small curved lines, that twisted and bent without a pattern, stopping abruptly, only to lead into another. Each one representing a soul gone from the void.

He carried so many lives on his body. Marks of so many vanquished and defeated foes. Too many to count properly. And although terrifying to look by most, she at times felt like her fingers traced hallowed ground and a shiver would run down her spine deep into her core.

Nomad reached his callused hand into her inner thigh squeezing it, bring her back from her reverie with an involuntary moan, as his hand pressed her flesh between his strong fingers. She placed her hand on top of his, enjoying the heat radiating from him.

"I'm still mad at you." she said trying to keep a stern tone to her voice.
"I can tell." she could hear the grin in his reply. as he ran a hand across his back tracing the welts her nails had carved in him.
"You should have talked to me about it first. I like to make my own decisions." she told him squeezing his hand that kept kneading her sensitive flesh.
"I know but it was a spur of the moment thing. It just made sense. The Spectres, like the Archangels before them, will be the most autonomous part of The Armada. Free to roam almost anywhere."
She understood the reasoning. She had been in the fleet for 3 years now and although it had served her well to recover from the last decade of war, she knew she could not be chained to the flotilla forever. She had to search for more of her people. Many Ether Foxes were still out there. And she knew many would be in need of help.
"And Delta needs your help. Coming back might overwhelm him. Fifteen years is a long time to be away from home. Plus almost everyone he knew is either dead or think him a traitor."
"Still... I am not your plaything for you tell me what to do..." it was his turn to listen to a slight smiled in her reply as she slowly pulled his hand higher.
He smiled in the darkness.
"You are right. It won't happen again." he told her turning to face and gaze at her naked body. She never failed to stir his blood.
"Are you just saying that to have me again?" she asked guiding his hand between her legs.
"Maybe." he said moving his fingers upwards into her.
"Good answer. Now shut up and kiss me..."

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