Silent Watching

((Durkas system - Tempestas Rim))

Three AU. That was the limit they faced as the crew worked diligently. One vessel had been singled out that matched some of the ship records. Their emission profile was a direct match, which made the captain order all hands to their alert stations. He kept his gunnery officers from charging the blasters, lest the weapons charging give away their stealth.

"What can you differ from the scans?" Calden asked, staring at the screen.

"The vessel is approximately one hundred and forty-three units in length, sixty-four in width, and sixty-seven in depth. I have managed to isolate four large photon cannons dispersed across their hull, though the ship seems to be well worn and the armor is repaired in numerous places. I am unable to determine its shielding capabilities, sir. But it stands to reason that this vessel is capable of a similar shield output to our own. Threat assessment: moderately high."

Calden nodded once. He debated internally on what to do. For the time being, the ship posed no threat and had made no move to attack. Their stealth had not been pierced yet, so he opted to simply observe. It was a simple matter to do an active scan when multiple other sources did it.

They waited for over an hour, Calden pacing back and forth. The main worry had been multiple Armada vessels being in the vicinity. So far, it was only the one. He hoped it stayed that way.

"Why are we not attacking?" Captain Neurostein heard being whispered. "We have the element of surprise!"

"The captain has his reasons," was the whispered response. "Can't wait to give back what they gave us."

The other reason they did not attack was because of the amount of unknowns in the system. They had managed to only find on match. There was no telling how the other vessels would react. And so he would have his crew wait however long it took to have a more advantageous position.

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