The Whole Damned Fleet

((Durkas system - Tempestas Rim))

The ship held its position as best it could, the navigator managing to make them look like so much as floating detritus. The one large contact they confirmed to be an Armada ship was still in its parking orbit. That was not what the captain was looking at though.

After an hour of watching, he paid close attention to the other ships. Many were ramshackle, others scarred but well maintained. One thing that was common about them was their paths they took in orbit. Numerous ships flew past the Armada vessel, as if they were not some great void threat to the galaxy. That made Calden uneasy enough that he spent that hour watching the scopes.

They were too close to actively scan the ships. Communications were currently garbled by all the traffic and the planet's ionosphere. However, he determined there was a serious danger to all of this; Calden watched as several support vessels came from the ground and docked with veteran efficiency to the Armada vessel.

"Status of our emission sinks?" He called out.

"Emission sinks are at thirty percent storage."

"Navigator, plot a parabolic course around the planet," the captain ordered. "All stations, battle alert. We have found the enemy."

The buzz that ran through the bridge was perceptible. However, Calden knew that they were in the p'orakk nest and a fight here would mean defeat. As much as his crew wanted payback, as did all of Mira Posa, this was not the fight to choose.

"Parabolic course plotted, sir."

"Continue silent running," the captain ordered. "As soon as we pass the planet, plot a hyperjump out of system."

"Sir?" Spoke one of the gunners. "We have them here! It is one ship."

"No, Gunnery. It is an entire damned fleet."

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