To the victor go the spoils

Location - Planet Cornidia - USSF Home-world - Dorian Fringe

Supreme Leader Zanikov Denoslav stood in the balcony of his office, as he often did, watching the sun setting over the capital of his world. Atop the tallest building in the sprawling hive, he looked on with pride to what they had achieved since the dark days of the Bloodshed Uprising.

The latest reports coming in from the Dremica system left no margin for doubt. They had crushed the enemy beyond any doubt. Their fleet captured, their home-world obliterated and the allies the Dremica had gathered under false pretence already regretting having involved themselves with a tyrant like Zor.

Although their initial plans had been to help the populations of the Dremica empire to cast the yoke of Zor and his men, Zanikov had to agree that the turns of events had strengthen the USSF far more than he had dreamed of in such a short period of time.
The onslaught streamed through the galaxy of the viral bombs destroying the Dremica home-world would make any would be assailants to the Union, think twice, before they made a enemy out of them.

The USSF was already claiming the Dremica dominion for themselves. All sentient captured or still alive were to became vassals to the USSF. An armitage of 1 solar week was offered to any that wished to depart and not live under the ruling of the Union and the Junta. After that they would be killed on sight if they had not agreed to pledge loyalty.

Delegations had already been sent to The Mingal Federation, The Queve Union, The Etnka National Council, The United Pinto Worlds, and the Elkin Empire, requesting their unconditional surrender for their role in the cowardly Dremica attack on the USSF worlds.
Supreme Leader Denoslav had requested their leaders to come to Cornidia to sign the treaties that would secure their people's lives, otherwise he could not guarantee that they would not suffer a similar fate to the Dremica.

Already the Junta had received assurances and pleas from the Queve Union, The Pinto Worlds and the Elkin Empire that they were willing to accept the conditions on the upcoming treaty. The Junta had already spent several weeks in session deciding what the new status of these new races would be under the law. They would join the Dremica has vassal states, occupying the lowest of tiers in the USSF society until the day they proved their benefits to the Union and rise to become equals. However that would be very far in the future, he knew.

The Mingal Federation and the Etnka Nation were another matter completely. The USSF delegations had been met with hostility and in some cases violence.
The Mingal themselves had been enslaved by another race in the past and they would likely see any proposals of becoming vassals to the Union as another form of slavery.
The main body of the fleet under Fleet Admiral Stanko was already in route to the Planet Yik, in the X'tar system. The large simian race would need more than words to submit. But submit they would. Or they would be destroyed.

The Etnka on the other hand could prove a thorn on the USSF side. The blind assassins could not match the power of the USSF fleets but they were masters in the art of guerrilla warfare and assassination. Zanikov wanted them on their side. He was planning to visit their leaders themselves. Offer them a faster path towards full membership of the USSF if needed.

A few other reports had caught his attention today and he knew soon rather than later he needed to dispatch envoys to address his concerns.
The Green Plague was still causing havoc throughout the galaxy but the USSF measures seemed to have prevented large outbreaks across the worlds. However these measures were already impacting the large scale trade with economical partners.
The study of the strange vessel, referred to as Red Fury, was underway, the lead scientists requesting more personnel and funds.
Denoslav had already approve it, as the viral bombs used with such impact against the Dremica had come from technologies found aboard the ancient vessel.

Finally and most disturbing, were reports coming from the planet Brah'am in the Hana cluster. Word of a self proclaimed prophet that spoke for the destroyed Atlas and possessed a cure for the Green Plague flailing the galaxy. Disturbing indeed. Very few things were more dangerous than a prophet.

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