Bishop to King 7

Planet Ealm I - Kon system - Quadrant Sigma X

Xoth Cephris stood in the utter darkness of the Ebony Chamber, the true seat of power of the Etnka Nation. Her molluscoid eyes highly adapted to shadows could clearly see the sparse furniture oval room. She knew the darkness was meant to instil fear in the heart of penitents. The Conclave would have used agents in other circumstances but with the strange events of the last year or so the Consortium could not leave anything to chance.

The USSF viral bombing and rapid destruction of the Dremica Empire had come as surprised even to them. They were still trying to analyse how a small emergent power had gotten their hands on such a powerful weapon in such a short amount of time.
As Xoth stood in the darkness of the chamber, the main body of the USSF fleet was already over the skies of the Mingal Federation engaged in what was shaping up to be a fast and brutal land conflict.
The Simian race would not last long against the newly found fervour of the USSF for war. They were going to pay the price for their alliance with the Dremica.

The Etnka were next on the list. However their agents had discovered that the Junta of the United Star System Federation was hoping to have the Nation join them and make us of their 'blind assassins cadres'. In almost a millennium of history and existence the Nation had never paid vassalage to a foreign power. Xoth was here to ensure the Etnka accepted the USSF offer and by doing so became agents inside the upstarting regime for the Cephalon Consortium.

Xoth caught a faint silvery light from the corner of her eyes as figure clad in dark robs teleported into the room. The location of the Chamber was unknown to many, and it could only be accessed by those invited via teleportation. Xoth suspected that it was located at the summit of one of Ealm's tallest mountains.

The older male navigated the darkness easily, a mixture of familiarity and heighten senses. He stood facing Xoth in the darkness a few feet from her.

"Thank you for meeting me Grandmaster." She started with the usual pleasantries.
The reptilian male chuckled. "One does not decline an invitation from the Cephalon Consortium, without serious consequences, we believe." he said and bowed. "Welcome to the Ebony Chamber, Dread Prophet."
Xoth was taken aback. She had not used that title in a very long time. She could see he felt her surprise.
"It has been a long time since the Consortium paid us a visit. Especially one of the Conclave's own." he continued bringing his hands behind his back. The empty sockets of his eyes staring at his visitor. "Not in my lifetime, that's for sure."

The Entka were omnivorous reptile-like humanoids with an average lifespan of 85 galactic standard years. Their skin is apparently infused with a venom mild enough to be served with certain foods, and may cause mild hallucinations on ingestion.
Xoth knew that the Order of the Blind Assassins had it's acolytes put out their eyes when they joined the ranks to better perceive reality with their other senses and sharpen one’s ability to wield their power in relation to one’s passions.

Xoth nodded. Her tendrils move around her face as if tasting the rooms' oppressive air.
"The Conclave came to offer you an new mission. One that will shape the destinies of the galaxy for cycles to come." her words echoed in the chamber.
"That has always been our mission, my dear." he chuckled again. "Have we not extinguished whole bloodlines with our blades? Have we not made civilizations crumble with a dip of our poison? Have we not always made brother war brother with a few whispers of our tongues?"

Xoth did not replied. She knew the questions were rhetorical. She also knew why Etnka had joined with the Dremica and how that could very well prove to be their last move.

"You are to accept the offer the USSF are going to make the Nation." she told the Grandmaster, a steely edge creepy over her tone. "You have lead the Nation to a unattainable position in the board but I am here to assist with that predicament." the man's jaw tightened.

"And in return we exchange one master for another?" he questioned, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

"In return you and your people live to do what you have always done best..." she said and threw a small metal capsule at the man who deftly caught from the dark.
"You live to become our agents among the USSF and in return you get something half a galaxy is crying out for... A vaccine to the plague..."

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