New Dremica Leaders

Somewhere on Renina-32, Home world of the Dremica

Ternt finished blowing the head off the Dremica Elder, who was frankie and very humanoid. Elder Tenia, one of the Elders of the three Top Dremica clans. She was the leader of the Angelic Dremica, but now she was dead.
Ternt looked over at the new leaders of the Dremica, Ltan who was a Goliath Dremica, Yuno, a large Dremica with large claws and bone spikes along his back, a Wrathe Dremica. Kinta, a serpent like Dremica, known as a Fang Dremica, and finally the leader, Zor. He was a large Horned Dremica coved in armoured plating, a Horned Dremica. They were all weaker then the previous leaders physically or were banished for being dishonorable. Now they were the new leaders of the Dremica. Zor took a seat on the now empty throne, "My brothers and sisters, it seems that the Dremica that are loyal to the Elders have either retreated, been slaughtered, or submitted to us. We are the new Lords of the Dremica." The other four looked at each other and nodded in agreement.
The room was cleaned very soon. Zor waved his hand for the new council to be silent, "I would like to give my first order, all Dremica ships are to attack fleets that have allied themselves with the old order. Secondly I would like to contact my old friends in the Armada. When I was banished from my homeworld, onlybdid they give me a place to call my own. The Dremica Imperium are allies with the Armada. They are allowed to ask for our forces as well as entry of our world." Kinta looked at Ternt, "Most of us have no problems with the Armada, but you used to be with the GDF, Ternt." Ternt looked at her, "It's alright, they have been disbanded, plus I'm now one of the five lords of the Dremica Imperium. I promise there will not be any problems." Zor just nodded, he began to contact the leaders of the Armada, "May the new age of the Dremica begin my brothers and sisters."

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