Uncertain future

- Planet Ifjor Minor - Borvius system - Olkarium Cluster - PotA Bunkers -

"What do you mean we are not going to join the Union?" Goldrat exploded at his Commander words.
Jay looked at both men. The three were the most senior officers left in the group.
Tensions were running high lately. Too much time on everyone's hand. Bone weary of standing still for the past three years, stewing over the destruction of their way of life and nothing else to do but to relive over, and over, their defeat at the height of the Bloodshed Uprising.
He could tell Commander Sawyer was not pleased with the man's tone but was allowing Goldrat some leeway to vent.
The younger man stood up in exasperation throwing up his spindly sapper arms in into the air. "That is all we have been planning for the last eighteen months. And now you decide that we are no longer to offer our services to the USSF?"
"You've see what they have done to the Dremica, captain. Genocide." Sawyer said very slowly. "That is not how the Protectors fight wars. Nor will I lend our support to anyone capable of committing such an atrocity." he said leaning back on his chair. "We have spent our whole lives fighting men capable of such wanton acts of destruction. I will not lead what remains of our order into serving such men."

The younger Captain stood looking his commander. His jaw tense.
"And what are we suppose to do now?" he asked as a hint of sarcasm started to creep into his voice. "Wait another three years in this forsaken rock waiting for things to go back to the way they were?"

"I am turning off the beacon tomorrow." Sawyer stated curtly.
"The beacon?" the captain snorted. "Who cares about the beacon? No one has joined us in almost a year."
Jay sighed. The last ship had followed the beacon's emergency frequency almost 11 months ago, bringing with it the last squad of 12 men and women still loyal to the cause.
"Commander, everyone is starting to get impatient. People need to move on. To have a sense of purpose again." he started softly. "We know of many other GDF members who joined the Union. It is something many are still excited about. It has given us all a sense of purpose. Without that..." he let the words trail.

Jay knew that Sawyer had taken the betrayal among their ranks the hardest. One of their own had single handedly brought about the collapse of the PotA from the inside that culminated with their defeat at the Battle of the Silent system.
Their forces decimated. Their settlements and headquarters destroyed. Their ships and tech compromised. Databases and archives corrupted or deleted beyond repair. Hundreds of years of proud history wiped out by a single brother scorned.

~ Shingen. ~ he thought cursing the man. Deep down Jay knew the reasons that led him down that path were more complex than simple treason. Their leader Faer and his second-in-command, Luna, had contributed extensively to the outcome that pushed a brother to turn on them and join The Armada. No, Sawyer shouldered the burden of guilt but they were all to blame in their own ways.

"We are not going to be sitting idle any longer." Sawyer said to both men addressing their concerns. "I am addressing the force tonight informing them of my decision not to pursue allegiance with the USSF and tell them were will be leaving soon."

Jay and Goldrat looked at one another surprised.
"We are going to the Citadel of Nyri." he stated as if issuing an order. "That is, those who chose to follow me."
"The Citadel of Nyri?" Jay asked. "You jest, surely?" everyone had heard the feverous impromptu sermons floating around the signals and airwaves of the Nexus.
"No jest, Lieutenant. If this man is a charlatan we will put a stop to his heresy." Sawyer replied.
"You want us to go all the way to Brah'am to ascertain if this man is really a prophet?" Goldrat asked incredulously.
"Indeed..." Sawyer replied with a stone face. "Unless, you have something better to do with our time?"

There was a brief tense pause before all three burst out laughing...

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