Mortuus Militia

Planet Hirodhen - Jorguhem system - Gambit Sector

The vessel had just arrived to Hirodhen and it's three militia crew members were making their way outside. The ship itself was a shade of navy blue in the bright neutron star's light.
Several onlookers were already admiring the sleek and agile craft. But many simply gazed at the dark red emblem of the Mortuus Militia on its broadside. With a slight sigh Arcadius looked over the all too familiar atmosphere, the rotten and delapidated dock walls and hungry crowds, only gave him a sense of entrapment. Once it was here that all policies for the Sector were made and where all decisions were forged. No visit to Hirodhen had been colourful and this day was no different. The man turned to his companions. The Lourek Jurgen and the Akeroy stood at attention beside him.

"All right, well... we all have our own business to attend to," he started, "I am to see this informant of ours, and you two are to secure the goods and resources needed for the next jumps."

They intended to make the stop at Hirodhen as quick as possible and hopefully not come under the gaze of the Constables.

"Oh, no need to baby us, Arcadius. We know our own duties." Akeroy snapped.

With short words of synching internal clocks, the three went their separate ways. Jurgen and Akeroy to the large bazzars, and Arcadius to the meet this newcomer.

It wasn't a long walk to his destination, though he did find himself flustered a few times at trying to navigate the winding halls and crumbling abandoned corridors of Hordhen
The bustling aliens throughout his way looked only briefly to the armoured figure above or even below them.
Such stature and military attire was the type of sight that sent most running, minding their own business. Frequently as he walked on, voices would whisper in his wake or in his mind. He was no longer sure. The pain above his eyes returned. Sharp, like a hot knife digging into his brain.

A few minutes later, he reached the den he searched, a small compartment on the side of one main plaza's.
Placing his hand on the dirty rusted gate, he pushed and the metal door shifted open.

The Dasyati dancer greeted him, as he flashed her some credits and a holokey, and led him into one of the many the back rooms. A great Banumori sat crossed legged in the raised dais in the middle of the small dark room.
Settling into a seat, he looked across to his right and the figure he was here to meet.
Her description perfectly matched what he read on her. He pulled his hood back as the woman reached towards him presenting her wrist. The scan confirmed her ID.

"You're Banner, I assume?" he said in his thick accent. The Mortuus insignia now clearly visible on his shaved scalp.
The woman nodded. Her dull eyes not meeting his, instead concentrating on the undulating form of the Banumori.
"You have it with you?" he asked licking his lips in anticipation.
She nodded again. This time tapping the metal port at her temple.
Arcadius stopped himself from reaching into her mind. She looked like the kind of person that would have some nasty surprises for anyone fool enough to attempt to hack into command centre.
He pulled a flask from his exosuit and took a quick sip. He did not offer her some.
"As agreed. Safe passage to Okarim and a crate of self repairing heridium on delivery.
"Sounds good." she grunted as the Banumori came slithering in their direction.
"We leave after sundown." he informed her feeling the chemical releases of the dancer crashing against his barriers and enjoying the tiny backsplash washing over his senses.
"I'll be there." she said as he stood up and left the woman and the dancer to what was inevitably coming next.
"Make sure you have enough juice for 12 jumps." she called after him.

Arcadius stopped wavering if he should indulge himself in the pleasures of the flesh but left the den of lust in search of his comrades. They needed more resources. More warp cells than they had accounted for.
He rushed through the thinning crowds, daring to hope that they had finally found a Sangreto.

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