- unknown location -

Incredibly long legs stalked over the cold metal flooring of the settlement, immense height causing him to see everything around him at a different perspective. The violent male stalked to the left, passing by some frantic creatures that scuttled and screeched in fear making him groan mentally with satisfaction.
The lack of a mouth prevented him from vocalizing such things, snapped neck viewing everything at a strange angle. He was among the last of his species that had managed to escape the Whispering Void through the portal.

Two others had travelled with him during that last wave, but had cast out the younger being, ordering him to travel away from their company for as long as his spindly legs could keep him up. It had suited him. Last thing he wanted was those old crones telling him what do do or their endless lessons of the ancient ways. Or perhaps they sensed the blind hunger in him.

His empty sockets stared ominously ahead as he grinned just thinking of world of delights this place had to offer. He heard some screams bouncing around the halls, shouting and warning one another. Below his two figures tried to make a run to a nearby ship, the Sangreto just stepping over them with yards of space in between, taking a swipe of at the duo, with his sharp talons, sending them flying in a sea of sparks and gore.

Though right as he was nearing the main plaza of the settlement in one of the more vacant buildings he heard one of the electronic doors whooshing open, causing him to turn around since his head could not pivot. Seeing a group of these smaller fleshy beings talking in hushed voices as they neared him, this fearful look in their eyes. The Sangreto enjoyed the psychic wave of panic that washed over him. He wasn’t very sure how he felt about this, these creatures yet. They seemed to make wonderful sport but he knew there was more to them. They loudly beckoned for his attention, talking in their native language as if they knew he understood, his mind quickly working to try and translate, hearing it as,

“Your kind does not belong here, spare us Whispering One. Leave us in peace, leave, leave, leave. And we will worship your name as god like the days of yore."

Through all the Sangrento did was stand there blankly, staring with his crooked neck, spindly fingers twitching around, and that seemed to scare the intelligent creatures even more, who in turn decided to make their point launching themselves at the feet of the shadow man.

He did not attempt to dodge or jump away, but simply allow the creatures to prostrate themselves within easy reach. He smiled, stepping on the frail bodies with his long legs, his pounding fists and snapping jaws made a mockery of their flesh and wails of pain, though no noise left him, the alien slowly lowering himself to the ground.

They did not fight back. The Sangreto looked like a falling piece of timber, extremely tall body coming into contact with the ground, scooping one of the screaming aliens up in his fist and crushing his throat and head. He curled up into a crouch to make himself smaller, overtly lengthy arms wrapping around his knees, leaning on his left side so that his snapped neck wasn’t being jutted against the floor, sockets locked on the nearby wall as he viciously pounded against their gentle bones and skin. The Sangreto enjoyed the abuse he inflicted on the peaceful creatures, there was no one to defend them, no one that could stand up to what he was. Their weapons had proved annoying at best against one of his kind.

His breathing was starting to quicken as his body's internal systems went into a heightened mode, as adrenaline and endorphins flooded his body. His sight becoming blurred around the edges as his fingers still twitched as he scoped and stabbed his playthings over and over again . The groaning sounds of the aliens were making him excited, as if their pitched screeches alone could him put him into a trance right here on this floor.

One of them reeled back and folded like cheap rag as he smacked it against a stone wall, snapping the bone of his neck, forcing the Sangreto to shudder forward with pleasure. They were not even trying to roll away any longer as he slashed and cut into them.

A voice somewhere begged him to stop the abuse but that just made him go harder, as if they were simply here to provide entertainment. He stood up deciding that he would extinguish every flicker of life in this place, except for this one voice. He would kill everyone and leave the one voice alone. Alone with the broken carcasses of its people and the memories he would weave into its mind tonight.

So when the voice finally called out again, piercing the air that was when the Shadow Man lifted his head up once again and saw the fleeing beings swarming the streets of the settlement. He understood the others had offered themselves to him to try and keep him occupied while their kin tried to escape.

He rushed over the fallen bodies, trampling and mauling dozens as went into his macabre dance of death. The bones along his spinal column snapped and cracked as he moved like smoke, ethereal, still hearing the voice, asking him, begging him to stop. His talons and fingers prodding and rending flesh and muscle into nothing as he twisted faster and faster around impossible folds of his body

He took his fingers tenderly to the flesh where his mouth was supposed to be, imagining what this viscous substance tasted like and that he would like to bathe in it one day.

The great Shadow stalked the settlement, reaping lives until the air heavy with the taste of iron. Until only the quiet sobbing of a lone voice could barely be heard above the eerie swirling night winds...

And before the night was over the Sangreto would find his real voice among the screams of his victim.

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