Nansur Prime

Location - Planet Nansur - Sygna Terminus

Self proclaimed Autarch Daruisga Ymo sat at the head of the war room table half listening to her many captains, bickering and droning on about the endless list of raids and achievements of the past few cycles.
Her eyes scanned the faces of her closest allies and she suppressed a grin. Big, strong, ruthless brutes, not two decent brain cells among the lot. Just like she had planned four years ago.

Taking Nansur was not hard. Once they got control of the orbital platforms the world below fell into line pretty fast once she ordered the bombardment of two of its cities. Keeping it had been an entirely different matter. Daruisga and her crew along with a few other captains, had deserted the ranks of the Armada just after the battle of the Silence System. With the GDF utterly broken the galaxy was there for the taking, for those with enough courage to seize the opportunity.

Word of her achievements spread through nearby sectors with each successful raid. A few smaller gangs and warbands pledged allegiance to her banner within the first months. She courted those among the Nansur Navy and Army she knew she could draw into her web. Some she offered power, others she bedded and many more she killed with her bare hands. Some still resisted her rule. Lead by the old general Hansan, the defender of the Faith. She rolled her eyes every time she heard it. Despite the foolish moniker, the man and those loyal to him continued to elude her forces. If there was one enemy she wished she could sway to her new order, it was him.

From Nansur Prime they had been terrorising neighbouring sectors and systems. Slowly but surely her plans put Nansur at the heart of all that was transpiring in the Sygna Terminus. She started to call them her Purple Legion, a vast fleet of pirates that threaten shipping and commercial lanes as well as nearby worlds .
And with her leadership the Purple Legion's numbers had grown. Grown in the vacuum left by the defeated GDF, the destroyed High Council and the retreating Armada. Under the leadership of the "Pirate Queen of Nansur", the Legion are turning the Sector into a haven for crime and consolidating such power that not many forces currently could challenge their rule.

The Purple Legion are organised into a large fleet, able to deploy small, elite forces of pirates supported by larger groups of ground troops. Those among the force are supremely proficient at the boarding actions favoured by the Legion whose ship-to-ship fighting prowess is infamous. Taking a page from her time in the Armada Daruisga Ymo, maintains a substantial fleet consisting of vessels captured over numerous engagements, ranging from a single battle barge, a number of strike cruisers, many and varied escorts and a huge number of classes of interceptors and bombers.

Some among the ranks joke that the Queen wants to build her own Armada. Daruisga Ymo does not laugh at it...

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