Purple Legion

- excerpt from the works of Arkady 'Sunlion' Crylic post-Bloodshed Uprising to his fellow Bedouin Cartographers. -


"Many new factions rose from the void left by the galactic-wide conflict between The Armada and the High Council. Many of these played their own role in the Bloodshed Uprising, but only a few would last long enough after the war was over to became famous. Or in the case of the Purple Legion, infamous.

Led by a deserter from the pirate state, Captain Daruisga Ymo, the successful raid into Nansur Prime with only a handful of men and ships, lay the foundations to what was to became one of the most feared and ruthless faction in the Inner systems.

Daruisga intended to overrun the planet to secure its valuable mining resources, using them as a bargaining chip to attract other gangs and corsairs into her banner. The self proclaimed Autarch gained many allies for managing to secure such an important system in the Sygna Terminus, including those from the Hand of Frost, the Ferrian Scars, Sapphire Watch, and a few others.

After she secured support among the Nansur fleets and army, they turned their eyes towards the seven worlds of the Akari'ha system. Coming under the control of the Purple Legion, its cyclopean industrial hive cities, became its manufacturing worlds, its blood life, while at the same time being used to launch raids into nearby worlds to to seize vessels for their ever increasing fleet.

It came as no surprise when Daruisga launched an attack on the Tollian shipyards orbiting Barz'ka. She led a small squad of her fleet in attacking the security forces as they were still mustering above the planet. With them caught off guard, the Legion managed to destroy a number of the defenders ships before they could regroup and return fire.
Though badly outnumbered, the Purple Legion fought on and were surprisingly aided by a group of security contractors at the facilities, that pledged themselves to the cause in exchange for running the shipyards in their name.
With their aid, Daruisga forces' were able to best the defenders and thus secure one of the few naval shipyards to have survived the decade long war almost unscathed, in the inner systems.

Daruisga Ymo cleverly kept out of the short but brutal Dremica-USSF conflict in the early days of the Legion's inception, although rumours abound that the tyrant Zor attempted to secure their services. After the annihilation of the Dremica, Daruisga and her allies ensured their raids into USSF territories were sporadic and almost imperceptible in the great scheme of things.

The self proclaim Autarch had clearly learned well during her time in The Armada, as many of her decisions and expansion strategies were obviously inspired in the successes of the pirate state over many centuries. Although they could never rival her original home in number, The Purple Legion rose to became a feared faction of the inner systems, a scourge born from the destruction Broughton by the war, a child of those that had erased the High Council and the GDF.

One of the most peculiar decisions attributed to Daruisga during the early part of her rule, was the prohibition of any member of the Legion to openly worship the Cult of the Atlas. She outlawed it among the brethren, with death being the punishment for anyone found following the words of the Onyx Prophet.

It would come as no surprise, that years later the Purple Legion and the Cult of the Atlas would find themselves constantly at war..."

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