Exiles Litany

- Citadel of Nyri - Planet Brah'am -Arix system - Hana Cluster -

*excert from one of the sermons attributed to the Onyx Prophet from the Cult of the Atlas to the exiles and refuges fleeing the Green Plague.*

"Your senses deceive, and its prudent never to trust wholly those that deceive us even once.
You are being fooled, every day, your veil of ignorance is far less transparent, than you'd ever known. Light, darkness, up and down, are all irrelevant concepts to our Father. You may scoff, from the ivory towers built to honour your false gods, but when I walk across the transcendent planes, while you suffer in worldly damnation, you'll know then, who is truly saved.

The bridge over the horizon, record of the last days, where we either make the journey into my Father's house or die. Bring down the barricades of the inner sanctum and torch the effigy of the false self. Because betrayal strikes deep, but none as much as those closer to us. And no one is closer to us than ourselves.

Betrayal of the self. Maybe it was meant to be like this. Maybe this is the price we must pay. Many of you will know, deep in your hearts, you have made a mistake coming here. You have never been strong enough to confront yourself, and you will not survive the tribulations ahead. This is not your dominion. It is my Father's, the hallow Atlas, that stood as a beacon of hope at the core of the galaxy, and whom we have forsaken.

We will shed no tears for you. The galaxy will not remember you..."

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