Epimetheus Labs

Entries on notable factions and groups from the Bedouin Cartographers annals.

"Founded in the years after the Fall of Emer, Epimetheus Labs was dedicated to researching space anomalies for use in developing new technologies. Over the years, Epimetheus Labs developed into a multigalactic conglomerate selling advanced and anomalous technologies to governments, militaries, and factions.
Throughout its history, it displayed a nominal amount of cooperation with the High Council and the GDF in particular.

A few decades before the collapse of the UBC, following a long period of financial decline, the conglomerate was dissolved, resulting in the creation of numerous successor companies formed from its subsidiaries. The breakup of the conglomerate was fraught with technical and administrative difficulties, resulting in the loss of many products and the layoffs of numerous personnel. Most of the former projects of Epimetheus Labs now in containment were lost during the time of the Bloodshed Uprising, and many of its former employees eventually found a home among the ranks of the Black Finger Lodge."

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