The Sword Worlds Confederacy

an excerpt of the History of A Dying Star, following the renewal of the Mira Posa colony

The galaxy had collapsed but the cycles of life and death begin anew nevertheless. A true cycle it was, for always nature abhors a vacuum. In the wake of destruction caused by the Armada, many colonies clung to the hope of rescue or of salvation. It was saddening to say many worlds ceased to be of this galaxy.

Mira Posa had been one of those young yet growing colonies in the years of destruction, once a shipbuilding location then targeted for the Armada's use. This had established viable trade in the area, a trait that was plundered to near extinction in those days. The people would still remember the stars and how they could be reached again, if only forced to wait as they rebuilt the smashed remains of those colonies.

When it had come time for spacers to travel the hyperlanes of the galaxy, they had found survivors of the great ruining, hearing for the first time the destruction of Atlas. What worlds that had survived were lucky or possessed adequate infrastructure to sustain themselves. Many more worlds lay empty, graveyards of incalculable casualties to what had been done.

This lit a fire in the people of Mira Posa.

Never again would this happen.

Never again, death to the Armada.

It was with fervor that the colony grew into a true power. Within a few years, trade had been reestablished with two dozen worlds. They came together in a mutual defense pact against remnant Armada forces and hostile entities.

This was the Age of Rebuilding. Little did they realize they were entering the Long Night. It would he during this period in galactic affairs that they took their own initiative and became the Sword Worlds Confederacy.

By the end of the formation, they had begun to encounter signals to the USSF. Little did they know of the events that were to take place after such a meeting.

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