Salvage Mission

Location - Silence System - Arian Quadrant

Walker stood transfixed looking at the wreck on the 2nd moon. The Nagā€˜Vina. The last ship he had served for the GDF. The frigate was supposed to be the newer model in a state of the art, line of ships, the High Council never had the chance to deploy.
Walker had barely managed to escape with his life from the vessel before it crashed down destroying a big chunk of the planet's satellite.

Looking at the debris and wreckage that filled the empty space of the system he struggled to keep his composure. This had been on of the most violet and atrocious battle he had been part of. Thousands of men and women had died trying to stop The Armada from advancing into the Core systems. Here The Armada had dealt the death blow to the GDF and the High Council and when the battle was over Walker had been one of only a few hundred survivors from the conflict. The screams he had heard on his helmet vox channel while he was drifting in the void iced his blood to this day.

"Master Walker." came the crisp voice of Captain Frost. "This is why ya here. I need yar head in the game."
Walker shook the ghosts and screams from his mind and nodded shortly. The Captain had offered him a good commission for this Salvage mission and a very attractive percentage of the profits. If the mission went well and they recovered what they were after he could probably upgrade his vessel and still have enough to secure a profitable trading route he had his eye on in the Aramar System. Maybe even enough to hire a few deck hands to help him.

"Master Gideon." the Captain called out to a figure standing in the shadows of the command centre. "Walker here will be your guide into the wreckage of the frigate. Ya are to recover any tech and blueprints you can salvage. Especially any weaponry that ya come across along the way."

The hooded figure nodded.
"Of course ya main objective is to recover the coaxial drive at all costs. Take Master Walker and a team of data-serpents with ya."

Gideon and Walker moved to the shuttle bay to lead the first wave of salvage. Parts of the frigate still showed signs of life support active and pockets of artificial gravity.

Captain Frost stroke his chin. Gideon and Walker would form the first part of the salvage operation concentrating on blueprints and any data they could recover. Once they were done he would turn the dirt-worms and scratchers on the vessel to recover as many salvageable resources as they could and fill his own ship.

If all went well in a few weeks time they could be all richer than they had ever imagined.

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