- Coilin Sector Eastern Fringe -

The second age of Hydran civilisation reached the distant Runian nebula and discovered a powerful energy source . Millions of settlers arrived into the Runian nebula's systems and a vast city hive factory was built to harvest this valuable resource. But they soon discovered they were not alone…

The Raiders, in the service of the Hydran Empire, traversed the treacherous nebula, across multiple systems to fight, explore and scavenge resources to uncover the mystery of a place haunted by an ancient civilisation. Runian was full of monuments and relics left by an ancient civilisation plagued by their ghosts and the living machines they left behind.

An Hydran base named Arial X went silent at the height of the colonisation of the nebula, with its last contact with the Empire consisting of a single message: "Stay alone. Stay alive."

Three sole survivors were eventually retrieved. A techno man-machine interface specialist, a security expert and former soldier and a microbiologist.

The team of Raiders that recovers them, find a base filled with corpses, many of which are frozen solid despite the base being maintained at a comfortable temperature. By searching for logs, notes, and voice recorders, the team slowly piece together what happened at Arial X that will eventually lead to the disappearance of the Hydran Empire at the hands of the rogue AI Callisto.

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