For the machine never forgets!

"As the last ships left the harbours, the last planes soared the sky, the last troops marched over the hills, there was peace.
Automated machinery toiled, their soft bleeps fading into obscurity. The once magnificent war machines that paraded proudly through streets and cities now march one final time.
For even with their creators gone, they shall carry out their will. For the Machine never forgets. Upholding their biological creators wishes, no matter how perilous, how destructive, how naïve. Now they rest, laying along side their masters who marched with them so long ago.
With the final wish completed, last rite upheld, the machine now rests, laying down its arms.
The naval beasts of the ocean now rest at the bottom of the sea. The aerial bringers of doom now join their masters plummeting into the ground.

And now, there is silence, there is peace. And where there is peace, there is hope. Not for the future of man nor machine, for their time has passed, but for those that come after, whenever they may be. Man's mighty accomplishments, tragic end, shall set an example for those who come next."

Crews Fumero, opening chapter from the First Unsystematic AI.

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