-First contact system wide transmission to the Ghal -

"Greetings. I am Ishtara of the Iron Wind. The time for change has come for your world. You are now under the dominion of the Iron Wind as a protectorate. We have observed your race for some time. You have brought your race into skies above your world and started to expand across your solar system but you cannot be allowed to bring your "diseases" into the stars.
War, overpopulation, pollution, ecological destruction, starvation, and corruption are all problems that will be dealt with before you are allowed to expand further.

Many of you will not like our solutions. You will want to fight, to rebel. Don't. You stand no chance against our might.
Your race has had thousands of years to develop your own solutions. Instead you have destroyed whole species, your environment, even enslaved one another. You fight petty wars over what? Beliefs, land? We have the technology to end such concerns. Here in the cradle of your civilization you will learn to respect your differences and accept them.

Advisors will be assigned to every metropolis of your world. Observers will likewise be sent to monitor your efforts in enforcing the upcoming changes and these policies. If the results prove ineffective we will take a more active role in educating you

Welcome to the fold. Welcome to the Iron Wind."

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