Welcome to the Future

- Augus Hawl Magnum Opus - This World! -

"Welcome to the future. The future we all saw coming and sleepwalked into. The future where we tied leashes around our children's neck and handed them over to the filthy rich mega-conglomerates and big tech corporations.

Society is crumbling no matter if you roam the sordid streets and its gloom-ridden skies, the scintillating precincts of the matrix or the near and distant fringes of the cold vacuum of space. We are no longer living pursuing our goals. We are just surviving. Zombies. Mindless drones.

The own us. Perhaps they always have. It doesn't matter if you weave within the garishly appointed corporate courts of the boardroom, undercutting enemies and backing the power plays that might see you rise to greater heights of fake illusory affluence and wealth.
Or if you ply any other trade, wherever the work is to be had, avoiding as much entanglement as you can while pursuing your meagre livelihoods.
No matter who we are, we know we are outclassed, recognizing that the world has gone to hell long ago and that the time for revolution, if no one stands up to the mega-corps, it’s already over.

In a dark and dreary world filled with unspeakable pleasures and more vice and corruption than you can handle in a lifetime. Betrayal and despair are as commonplace as the natural accumulation of litter and detritus washed across our dead oceans, reflections of a people who just don’t care anymore?
In a world were the validity of the soul and the usefulness of a conscience are suspect at best, I say to you, welcome to the future.

It is now or never..."

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