Yu Federation

- Compendium of Galactic History -

150 years after taking to the skies above their homeworld for the first time, the Yu Federation had expanded to 27 worlds by means of early generational ships and warp drives.
Several missions launched into deep space after pathfinder missions had succeeded in locating habitable worlds. A decade later later the Yu Federation came into contact with the Dominion of the Iron Wind. One hundred years of constant warfare followed.
The Iron Wind consisted of three alien races that scoured the galaxy assimilating other races into it's protectorate.

Far too many died on both sides of the war. And both sides suffered insurgencies, resulting in sympathizers on both sides. Many worlds suffered massive catastrophic bombardment and loss of life, more so Yu Prime than any other. But the Iron Wind were relentless. In the end, when the war reached it's zenith the Yu Federation had no choice but to sue for peace.

The first part of the Accords was the assimilation of the original governments of the Yu Federation home worlds into the Iron Wind Dominion as vassals. The second part established technological and demographic restrictions for the all worlds conquered. The Yu proved to be biologically compatible with the three races of of the Iron Wind and would be used as surrogates to circumvent their low birth-rates.
Other mandates came from the Accords but these in particular sealed the fate of the Yu and erase them from the annals of galactic history...

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