Bloodborn Elders

There were five of us once.

We were not old enough to be wise, but old enough to know things we shouldn't have. Arrogance and curiosity made us reach beyond our grasp, and attempt to become more than we were.

We wanted to be eternal, to never have to succumb to the ravages of age and to instead transcend time. Our experiments were fueled by the dim sensation of an unending mission, as well as of the ticking of our biological clocks, winding down.

We became permanent in The Armada. Or at least we thought we did. Our surroundings were minor details lost in a sea of argument and rebuttal, point and counterpoint. Our mission would take us from the edge of the galaxy to its core.

There were five of us once, but only one would remain. One that betrayed the others so that the mission would not die.

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