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Location - Warp - Xorel Cloud

Councillor Twilight looked at the reports coming from the Aramar system and updates on their forces movements against the Red Fists. Nomad had recovered the new coordinates for the Aramar trade routes codewords for the enforcer ships protecting the convoys.
It was looking promising and they could deal a huge blow to the emerging control the Red Fists were starting to exert over the system. Ideally after their incursion was over they did not have to completely annihilate the ex-GDF faction but force them to pay tribute to The Armada and stay within their sphere of influence. Unfortunately the Red Fists seemed to be one of those ex-GDF groups that still held true to their values of order and protection. "~Such a shame.~"

Another report caught her eye. A message from what claimed to be the new rulers of the Dremica. Several factions and leaders had in the last few months offered truces and allegiance to The Armada. In the past the fleet had very little used for such agreements but times had changed since the end of the Bloodshed Uprising.
Renina-32, the Dremica homeworld was far from the outer rims and the Armada sphere of influence however opportunities like this one needed careful consideration.
She recalled that a group of traitor GDF had accompanied the outer edges of the fleet during the last few battles against the High Council forces. Many others had done the same.

She knew little of the Dremica but it was known that for many generations they had been loyal members of the GDF. Another faction among the lawful orders that made up the group. Their race was proud and warrior like and their society a fair one. But maybe that was changing now.
She recalled the Dremica peculiar physiognomy. Tall, strong, with amazing endurance, reptillian humanoids with some capable of small bursts of flight.
Maybe an outright alliance was not the way forward but if in the future The Armada could recruit from their planets, their numbers could produce extremely effective attack dogs.

"Send a message to Nomad." she said in the direction of one of her aides. "Once he is done with the Red Fists, tell him to make his way to Renina-32. Inform him he is to assess these new rulers and what they can offer The Armada."

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