"The moons of Caudax are being overwhelmed by ideology.

In the wide sectors of Ir lie the moons of Caudax. Individually smaller then any other major space body, Caudax are a collection of moon that are connected by man-made monstrous rings and space elevators, some of which were ancient when the first space farer beings came to Caudax. Low and flat, with rolling hills, the lands are green, plain-covered, and peaceful. Great beasts roamed in huge herds, while the vast seas crashes against mighty, crumbling cliffs.

War has never been a deep part of the Caudax life. The clan masters kept small enclaves of warriors, but for the common man, war was little more than someone else's affairs. Life was slow, and calm. However, it was not without peril.

The great war touched Caudax softly. The Cult of the Atlas found many converts among the populace, and became the one doctrine held by the most tribes and clans. For a people who moved and flowed with the seasons, there was little use for great schemes and confrontation. At least, for a time..."

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