First meeting

Spectre's Quarter

He looked at the assembled faces. This would be the first and last time he would be in their presence. The temptation to join their ranks was there. He knew what lay ahead for them. To be the spearhead, to travel ahead of the fleet. TO be the eyes and ears of The Armada. To be its spearhead.
Yes, the temptation was there but he could not join them. He was the last of his kind. The legend of the Archangels would die with him. The story of the Specters was just beginning.

He had chosen well. A strong core group to inspire others. To build the ranks and to lead once their numbers grew. Delta Cade, the renegade. Lilith the Ether Fox. Cody the prodigal young engineer. Cyclone, the cybernetic powerhouse and Ch’elema, the Daughter of Night, the illusive assassin. She reminded him of himself most of all. The hunger for blood and death was there.

This was their first mission. Their baptism of fire. To capture the deserter, Daruisga Ymo, the self proclaimed Queen on Nansur.

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