To roam the stars...

excerpt from the Bedouin Cartographers Manifesto foreword.

"The excitement a new Universe offers a Bedouin Cartographer is one that can’t be ignored. You join our group with a focus on the Unknown, a drive to be the first to enter star systems unknown and possibly alien to us, armed only with the knowledge of your ship, and the purpose of being the first to find, and document, new worlds.

Our pursuit is not of financial gains, nor is it to be famous for our discoveries. We are the Cosmic Wanderers; we are those that go where no one else dares tread. We follow no paths, we see no travelled roads. To commit to the life of a Bedouin is to accept the unknown as fact, and the future as traceable.

You travel with us, a part of us, whilst never knowing most of your companions as more than the twinkle beside other unknown celestial bodies in the Galaxy. But our goal is clear, we seek out the unexplored, we seek to unfold to the Universe, our travels, our routes, as one and as legion. We seek to find and document the undiscovered species of flora and fauna that a new world offers us. We aim to upload our knowledge to the masses who may one day seek out these places we discover, we aim to guide those who wish to be guided.

We are a peaceful band of wanderers. We avoid war. We avoid conflicts. We will defend ourselves against those who may trespass against our rights to explore, but we will never seek vengeance. We may make contact with new life forms of species we may discover, but we will leave their way of life unhindered and untouched where possible.

It is this pursuit of knowledge that has brought you to the Bedouin Cartographers. It is your love of the journey that drives you to the furthest reaches of unknown space. It is your fierce loyalty to the pursuit of discovery and the documentation of your knowledge that has brought you to this point in time.

You are a Bedouin. You are a nomad. You are the future. And will live your life by the immortal words of our founding brothers.

The journey, unbounded by destination, thus offers her own rewards."

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