Decisions Decision?

"Master Gideon." the Captain called out to a figure standing in the shadows of the command centre. "Walker here will be your guide into the wreckage of the frigate. Ya are to recover any tech and blueprints you can salvage. Especially any weaponry that ya come across along the way."
The hooded figure nodded.

Gideon stoically listened to Captain Frost give his orders. He listened to the specifics of the plan to make sure he acquired what was requested of him. Of course if he found something that should not be found he would either absorb it or destroy it "by accident" to keep it out of their hands. However since he needed to the money and preferred to not end his job in violence he would do his best to appease his employers.

"Of course ya main objective is to recover the coaxial drive at all costs. Take Master Walker and a team of data-serpents with ya."
Gideon and Walker moved to the shuttle bay to lead the first wave of salvage.

The walk to the shuttle bay was quiet since Walker was not much of a talker and Gideon only spoke when he needed to. After loading their gear into the shuttle, Walker flew them out to the designated spot. Gideon quietly observed through the window as he would monitor their scanners to make sure all was well. Walker seemed a bit stressed out so he let him focus on flying the shuttle. It didn't take long for Walker to navigate through the debris of destroyed ships in space as they approached the remains of a frigate.

Parts of the frigate still showed signs of life support active and pockets of artificial gravity.
Captain Frost stroke his chin. Gideon and Walker would form the first part of the salvage operation concentrating on blueprints and any data they could recover. Once they were done he would turn the dirt-worms and scratchers on the vessel to recover as many salvageable resources as they could and fill his own ship.
If all went well in a few weeks time they could be all richer than they had ever imagined.

Walker: Okay Gideon...…. get ready to do your thing. This derelict is unstable.

Gideon: Agreed.

Walker slowly eased the shuttle next to the derelict as Gideon focused the docking clamps using his "magic", which was more like cyber manipulation, however it was quite a sight to anyone who didn't understand it. Normally the ship would use the automatic docking clamps, however since the derelict was completely unstable they needed a gentle touch in order to avoid damage to the derelict and the shuttle. Walker kept the shuttle steady as Gideon gently maneuvered the docking clamps to the correct location and slowly locked them into place. It was nerve wracking for poor Walker who was uneasy as it was since he had bad memories of this place. However it was reassuring to have the mysterious Gideon along.

Captain Frost got lucky when he ran into Gideon who had gain a nice rep for his skill set of salvaging dangerous derelicts. As it happened Gideon was looking for work in a tavern after leaving his last job. Since he preferred not to wear out his welcome he preferred to relocate after a few dangerous missions. Since he was good at Salvaging he didn't like it when they crew used him as a crutch to take on suicidal missions. As it happened Captain Frost had a big job and needed the skilled Gideon to increase their odds of success.

Once the shuttle was docked on the derelict they put on their exo-suit helmets and walked through the hatch carefully and quietly. Gideon led the way since he could analyze the area to see if it was safe or not. Walker patiently walked behind him while feeling edgy. Since the ship barely had any power on the anti gravity was almost offline. As they slowly walked through the deck using their magnetic boots, Gideon created a light that floated before them to light up the place without disturbing it. This way they could avoid any accidents and bumping into delicate walls. As they walked Gideon was mapping the area on a holographic screen so Walker could see it as well.

Walker: Gideon I believe we are on the C-Deck. If I am right we will see a turbo lift up ahead. From there we will need to go down to the engine room for the coaxial drive. Hopefully we can access the ships computer to recover some tech and blueprints.

Gideon: It appears you are correct Mr. Walker. There seems to be a shaft ahead, but sadly it is low on power.

Walker: We its not like we can use it anyway. It will be my luck it will cause the ship to fall apart.

Gideon: Indeed. We should minimize any large movements, since I sense many fractures in the walls and floor decks. Its a miracle this place is in one piece.

It didn't take long till they arrived at the turbo lift shaft. Sadly the doors were closed so Gideon had to slowly open them with his tech manipulation. It required a lot of focus and had to be done slowly or the shockwave could cause more damage. This was why Frost didn't send in a bunch of trigger happy salvagers. One good blast from a bolter could cause a chain reaction and destroy the rest of the ship. After ten minutes Gideon managed to open the shaft doors and then he looked at Walker. They both looked down the dark shaft that would flicker a bit of light now and then. It was a long trip and they both looked at each other.

Gideon: Its going to be a long walk.

Walker: Can't we fly down?

Gideon: I would prefer not since I can sense a few gas leaks that might be flammable.

Walker: Will your ball of light ignite it?

Gideon: No. It is not that kind of light.

Walker: Then I guess we are walking.

Both men walked down the shaft using their magnetic boots. The blue ball of light stayed a good ten feet in front of Gideon at all times. Walker had no idea how he did it and knew better than to pry. The walk took a few hours since the remains of the ship was still very large. This was why they used a turbo lift to begin with. Along the way they saw a small gas leak that reassured them it was a good idea to not use flight packs in the shaft. It was a long, quiet and spooky walk for both men as they listened to the creaking of the ships and the occasional pang of the debris hit the derelict's outside hull.

Several hours later they arrived in the engineering room. Once again Gideon had to slowly use his powers to open the turboshaft doors. Once they left the shaft they looked around and saw the engine room was in bad shape. The place was riddled with floating debris and scorch marks.

Gideon: Touch nothing.

Walker: Ya don't have ta tell me twice.

Gideon scanned the area and updated his map.

Gideon: It appears the coaxial drive is that way. I am sensing some power fluctuations.

Walker: Alright.

The two men slowly moved through they floating debris till they reached the section where the antigravity was active. Then Walker pointed to where the coaxial drive was located.

Walker: Its somewhere behind that bulkhead.

Gideon: Got it.

Gideon then pulled out his staff that was only six inches long and attached it to the bulkhead like a magnet. After that he connected a black cube box that was three inches all around, to his staff so it resemble a wand stuck sideways to the wall. Then he focused and waved his hands slowly as the staff began to glow blue. Walker just watched in awe as Gideon analyzed the structure behind the bulkhead. This took a good twenty minutes as he needed to know how the coaxial drive was connected.

Walker: Should we call the data Serpents now?

Gideon: Not yet. Keep them on standby for now. We need a gentle touch right now. We can use them after we get the coaxial drive and blueprints. No need to get greedy to early.

Walker: Good point.

Gideon then focused on the connections to the coaxial drive so he could find any data storage cells that survived the destruction. Sadly this took the better part of an hour since the engine room was huge. After he found each data cell he copied what he could to his staff and if it was deemed acceptable to let Frost have he then copied it to the black box. Sadly not all the data cells were undamaged and some of the data was incomplete or corrupted, which took longer to work around. Gideon then managed to find some star maps, engineer logs, maintenance records and a blueprint to the engine room.

Several hours later Gideon took a break and looked at Walker.

Gideon: I managed to find a lot of data, but some of it is incomplete due to the damage. Among the data cells I managed to collect some star maps, engineer logs, maintenance records and a blueprint to the engine room. The blue print of the whole ship was badly damaged and very incomplete from this side. If we can reach the command deck there is a chance we can find more data, so we can leave that to the data serpents while we pull the coaxial drive. So do you want to get more data first or remove the coaxial drive? Do keep in mind once we remove it the ship may fall apart.


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