Location - Silence System - Arian Quadrant

Captain Frost kept his eyes peeled on the vid screen following Gideon and Walker's team progress through the bowels of the derelict frigate.
The waiting was never boring for him. Every bit of data gathered gave him a glimpse into untold potential, a glimpse into profit to be made.

He had ordered some probes to be deployed in the vicinity of the 2nd moon, where the Nag'Vina had crashed down, to look for any further salvage.
His team had also deployed the claiming buoy in the area around the GDF frigate claiming the wreckage as theirs and informing any vessels coming to the area that a Salvage mission was under way.
Coordinates had already been transmitted to the Space Salvage Guild in the Arian Quadrant to register the find and claim to Captain Frost.
Of course nowadays the power of such claims were not as strong as the once had been as their was really no one left to truly enforce or mediate disputes.

Captain Frost liked to do things the old way but he knew that any claim he had would need to be defended to against any rival rogue trader that might chance upon the site. Worse still than he would have to consider to enter the murky waters of profit sharing and that would end in tears for all concerned.

A few hours later he started to get streams of binary data as Gideon and Walker reached the engineering room. His eyes lit up.


Somewhere in the bowels of the frigate a dark shadow moved. It had lay dormant for many cycles. His mind did not know how it came to be here in this prison of metal exposed to the merciless vacuum of space. It was hungry. So very hungry. His senses brought him out the state of hibernation his physiology had placed him to protect him from the harshness of space.

The Gytenare were extremely rare and unique predators. They had very slow reproductive cycles and that was the only thing that keep their numbers low in the odd systems they naturally inhabited. They were humanoid in appearance, with tough leathery hides that could stop almost all forms of natural harm. A mature Gytenare could reach 7 foot and become very bulky in mass but still be extremely fast. Their claws could rip through almost any type of metal apart from the purest and strongest of alloys.
They were extremely savage and bloodthirsty and would some times kill prey just for the taste of blood. It was rumoured to became even more aggressive as it smell fear.

They had been often bred by less scrupulous races to be used during space warfare as a boarding vanguard to seed terror among their enemies.

The Gytenare stired from his slumber. He could sense life forces walking around the derelict vessel. He was hungry. So very hungry.

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