Mass TXR-3, inside the influence of the USSF

Zenkar had made a great recovery in the last couple of months. He now his own vessel to call his own, sure ot wasn't as large as his old one and the crew weren't what he was used to, but it was still a good vessel with twenty trained crew members. He pulled up the hologram of the five "new leaders" of the Dremica. A call came in from his superior, "Captain Zenkar." He turned to look at the screen, "General Surv." Staring back at him was a humanoid woman with dark hair, dark skin, and dark colored eyes. She has a single scar going over her cheek and she wore the uniform of the USSF Generals.
"Captain Zenkar of Fleet B-2. As you know, the Dremica have been divided by the Order of Kaltor and the Dremica Imperium. The USSF are supporters of the Order, due to them being loyal to the GDF and the High Council before the Uprising. We sent you the five leaders of the Dremica Imperium in hope you would give us some information on them, due to you being one of survivors of the Three Great Clans of the Dremica. Now what do you know about these people?" Zenkar first showed a hologram of Ternt, "This is Chairman Ternt. He used to be my second hand. I thought he was one of the Dremica who followed the ways of Yi Vor, the way if honor. However it turns out he was a coward, and claimed to have defeated me in a Mou Zen, however he didn't even challenge me and instead attempted to murder me by throwing me into space. He is a liar, a coward, and a disgraceful Dremica." He swiped to a Goliath Dremica, "This is Ltan, he was banished from our homeworld for attempted assassination of one of the Elders, he has attacked civilians and even killed his master in a Mou Zen, even though his master didn't ask for an honorable death. He has broken three major rules of Yi Vor code. He returned recently with his followers and was the main reason why the Dremica runned GDF outpost in Nebula RT-45. He is one of the most Disgraceful Dremica."
He then showed the hologram of a red scaled Wrathe Dremica, "This is Yuno, a Wrathe Dremica who is know for cheating in multiple Mou Zens. In victory he would shame the loser by branding them. He was into gambling, theft, and slave trading. He was discovered by the Elders, branded with the mark of the Disgraced and exiled. He has broken seven rules of the Yi Vor."
He then swiped to a Fang Dremica, "This is Kinta, she is known for killing her younger sister due to her taking a young Fang Dremica as a mate when she wished to have his as a mate. She then made him her mate after a month of her sister's death. However she poisoned him after finding out he was infertile. She assisted in a huge intergalactic slave trade in which she kidnapped muipltle Dremica children, women, men, as well as some guest to the homeworld. She then gave valuable information to the Armada about the ambush we had planned. She was captured, whipped, shunned and exiled into the outer rims. She returned with other exiled Dremica and lead the main invasion force of Renina-32. She has broken ten rules of the Yi Vor code."
He swiped to the Horned Dremica, "Finally, Zor the Dishonored. He was one of the greatest Dremica warriors, however he was one of the most bloodthirsty as well. He has been in over more than three hundred Mou Zen duals. Each he has brutally murdered, only twenty of which asked him to kill them. He has attacked civilians, comrades and superiors when they disagreed with him on his orders, rejected his advances or ideas, and even when they tried standing up to him. He then violated thirty three Dremica Women during Eni Ta, after killing their mates. He has attacked medical bases, bombed neutral cities in combat, used biochemical warfare, executed prisoners, and other war crimes. He has broken over fifty rules of the Yi Vor code. He was branded as the Dishonored, beaten, whipped, shunned, and tortured before he was to be executed. However he escaped to the outer rims. He is the leader of this new Dremica Imperium, as well as one if the most dangerous criminals of the entire galaxy. All of these new leaders are traitors, disgraceful, and most of all tyrants." General Surv took in all the information, "Thank you Captain Zenkar, I will share this information to Zanikov Denoslav. I will let you know what you to do after I let him know. As for now, I want you to keep in Mass TXR-3, help any survivors of the war, some ships have run out of power. Keep up the good work Captain." Zenkar saluted, "Yes ma'am." The general returned the salute before hanging up. Zenkar began his orders.

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