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Location - Warp - Aramar System

Nomad jumped away from the Aramar system towards his next destination. He had little patience to stay in one place once the fighting was done. Others could take care of what came next. His mission was completed. The control of the Red Fists over the system had suffered a rude knock after their quick incursion.

The Aramar trade routes had fallen quickly and with very little loss of life, thanks to the codes he tortured from that weak trader. Several squads had been slaughtered quickly and efficiently, when his Armadan force warped right in the middle of their convoys.
The forces had boarded the freighters and took control of the vessels and resources as many ships had simply surrender once their escorts had been eliminated with the threat of the Armadan forces looming over them.
Weapons, resources and pressed ganged bodies were on this very moment travelling to the main body of the pirate flotilla to add to their ever expanding numbers and power. The Red Fists as a power were no more and the Aramar system would suffer immensely without the trading from these convoys and the protection from the faction.

The organised Red Fist escorts put on a valiant fight but were no match for the numbers or ferocity of the Armada. Nomad himself had led the attack and boarding of their capital ship. He enjoyed the close proximity hand to hand combat and the thrill of pitting ones life against others.
Once control of the ship was achieved, its weapons were turned on the remainder of the fleet and its terrified crews. Surrender had come quickly after that.

The Armada tactics were always simple, destroy military targets and infrastructures where they could, commandeer any ships from the defence forces for assimilation into the Armada and its crews, minus its officers. Target all prisons and slave markets they came across and free anyone they could to bolster the pirate fleet numbers and sow terror and destruction on the general population.
Resources were plundered, technologies and researches stolen, scientists and engineers also captured when possible for a life of servitude in the main body of the Armada.

The Armada were not a conquering occupying force. They were marauders, pillaging for what they wanted and need to survive. And that had been one of their main weapons during the Bloodshed Uprising.

Nomad warped to his next goal. He never had the stomach for what came next. The endless bureaucracy of assessing those assimilated into the Armada was never ending. It was what separated the pirate flotilla from others buccaneers and corsair forces in the Galaxy.
It was what made them a drifting city state amongst the stars, with their own rules, infrastructures, customs and rigid laws.

Nomad had no time for all that. He lived solely for the thrill of the chase, of the hunt, constantly wanting to prove that he was the measure against which all other men were judged.
He looked at his galactic chart. He needed to unwind. He was not far from his favourite watering hole in this part of Galaxy
He entered new coordinates into his ship and made his way to the Horker Space Station orbiting a moon near Zanadoo 5.
Time for some drinking and whoring before he attended to the message from Councillor Twilight and the Dremica.

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