The Great Escape

Location - Silence System - Arian Quadrant

Captain Frost kept his eyes peeled on the vid screen following Gideon and Walker's team progress through the bowels of the derelict frigate.
The waiting was never boring for him. Every bit of data gathered gave him a glimpse into untold potential, a glimpse into profit to be made.
He had ordered some probes to be deployed in the vicinity of the 2nd moon, where the Nag'Vina had crashed down, to look for any further salvage.
His team had also deployed the claiming buoy in the area around the GDF frigate claiming the wreckage as theirs and informing any vessels coming to the area that a Salvage mission was under way.

Coordinates had already been transmitted to the Space Salvage Guild in the Arian Quadrant to register the find and claim to Captain Frost.
Of course nowadays the power of such claims were not as strong as the once had been as their was really no one left to truly enforce or mediate disputes.
Captain Frost liked to do things the old way but he knew that any claim he had would need to be defended to against any rival rogue trader that might chance upon the site. Worse still than he would have to consider to enter the murky waters of profit sharing and that would end in tears for all concerned.
A few hours later he started to get streams of binary data as Gideon and Walker reached the engineering room. His eyes lit up.

Meanwhile Gideon was focused on collecting as much salvageable data as he could find in the engine room from the remaining data cells. Using his staff as a hub he copied whatever data he could get access to. While some cells were completely in tact, there were others that were to damaged or partially damaged and resulted in incomplete data files. Luckily Gideon was able to compile the incomplete data streams into a somewhat usable format through his staff before he filtered it for the black data cube stuck to his staff. Walker kept a look out while Gideon did his magic act. Just being in the derelict gave him the creeps along with a lot of bad memories. He was on edge the whole time as he was expecting the ship to fall apart any moment as he kept hearing odd sounds from all around.

Somewhere in the bowels of the frigate a dark shadow moved. It had lay dormant for many cycles. His mind did not know how it came to be here in this prison of metal exposed to the merciless vacuum of space. It was hungry. So very hungry. His senses brought him out the state of hibernation his physiology had placed him to protect him from the harshness of space.
The Gytenare were extremely rare and unique predators. They had very slow reproductive cycles and that was the only thing that keep their numbers low in the odd systems they naturally inhabited. They were humanoid in appearance, with tough leathery hides that could stop almost all forms of natural harm. A mature Gytenare could reach 7 foot and become very bulky in mass but still be extremely fast. Their claws could rip through almost any type of metal apart from the purest and strongest of alloys.
They were extremely savage and bloodthirsty and would some times kill prey just for the taste of blood. It was rumoured to became even more aggressive as it smell fear.
They had been often bred by less scrupulous races to be used during space warfare as a boarding vanguard to seed terror among their enemies.
The Gytenare stirred from his slumber. He could sense life forces walking around the derelict vessel. He was hungry. So very hungry.

Drool oozed from the Gytenare's mouth as he sensed its next meal nearby. It made a clicking sound as it rose from the shadows. Since sound didn't travel far in the vacuum of space, Walker and Gideon failed to hear it from that distance. Then the Gytenare slowly made it way towards the unsuspecting Walker and Gideon. Since the anti-gravity was off and on in various places the Gytenare struggled a bit to stay on it course. It clawed it way through the various decks leaving claw marks on the walls and ceilings.

The unsuspecting Gideon and Walker were busy trying to complete their work before they ran out of time. Since the derelict was unstable and barely holding together, it was only a matter of time before it fell apart. After downloading the last data cell, Gideon began working on removing the coaxial drive using his tech manipulation power/skill. This allowed him to work without additional tools other than his staff. Slowly parts began to separate and pop off the coaxial drive. Then Gideon had to delicately remove the parts blocking the coaxial drive from coming out. It was long and tedious work for poor Gideon. As Gideon work diligently and carefully he popped open the metal panel covering the area where the drive was located.

Little by little parts were rolling out of the way for the coaxial drive to come out. Walker was sweating bullets in his exo-suit as he kept watch while Gideon was making progress. Then something caught his eye as he moved his flashlight around the shadows since Gideon's light was only lighting up a fifty foot radius around Gideon so he could see his work. Out of concern Walker pulled out his bolter and checked for any movement.

Walker: Gideon...…….. I got a bad feeling.

Gideon: As do I but time is not on our side.

Suddenly the Gytenare leapt from the shadows at Walker before he could get a shot off. Walker flinched as he believed was a goner. When he opened up his eyes he saw the Gytenare looking angry as it slashed at the forcefield surrounding Walker.

Gideon: Buy me some time Walker. I am almost done here.

Walker: What the hell is this thing?

The Gytenare pounded on the forcefield like an angry primate in a cage. It roared loudly, but sound barely traveled far in a vacuum of space so Walker could barely hear it's creepy howl, but it still sent shivers down his spine as it pounded on Gideon's forcefield.

Gideon: Its a Gytenare. They are extremely rare and unique predators. Since they have extremely slow birthing cycles they are rare to find. As you can plainly see they have a seven foot tall humanoid appearance with tough leathery skin that is strong enough to resist most bolters so if you shoot it, it will only get mad at you. Their claws could rip through almost any type of metal apart from the purest and strongest of alloys, but it should not be able to get through my shield.

The Gytenare continued to pound on the forcefield. Walker was on edge and cringing at the sight of the giant monster. He wanted to move but knew he had to distract the monster so Gideon could hurry up with the coaxial drive removal.

Walker: Should? Don't mess with me Gideon. This thing is harshing my mellow.

Gideon: Truth be told this is the first time I have seen one alive, so I have little experience fighting it. From what I am told they are extremely savage and bloodthirsty. Some believe they can smell fear and that is how they can hunt us in space since a nose is useless in space.

Walker: And why the hell is it on this ship?

Gideon: They are sacrificial pawns in war. They were often bred by mad men of science to be used during space warfare as a boarding vanguard to seed terror among their enemies. Its possible it is a survivor from the war.

Walker: You think the Armada put it here?

Gideon: A strong possibility.

Walker: Please tell me you can kill it.

Gideon: I have a few ideas, but I can't do anything till I recover the coaxial drive. Frost will not be pleased if we abandon it and return back empty handed.

Walker: Dammit! Are you kidding me?

Then Gideon moved his hands a bit till the coaxial drive was finally free from the technological guts of the engine room. Gideon wasted no time attaching a strap to the large coaxial drive so he could carry it on his back. Once he was done he put the black box in his pocket and removed his staff. Then he turned to look at Walker and the Gytenare desperately trying to kill him as it pounded on the forcefield.

Walker: Gideon!! DO SOMETHING!!!

Gideon then wrapped his forcefield around the Gytenare and proceeded to spin it to keep the Gytenare off balance.

Gideon: I do hope you brought a few charges with you?

Walker: Grenades? Yeah why?

Gideon: Good drop three and run for the ship.

Walker: What about you?

Gideon: I won't be far behind.

Walker dropped three grenades on the floor and nodded at Gideon before he ran for it as fast as he could. Gideon then lifted the three grenades and attached them to his forcefield as he continued to spin the Gytenare like he was laundry in a dryer. After a few minutes Gideon shoved the Gytenare into a maintenance hatch before he deactivated his forcefield and activated his jet boots to escape. The Gytenare barely had time to react before the three nasty grenades exploded on him in the small room. The explosion shook the derelict and began to trigger off a chain reaction of small explosions and cracking in the hull. Gideon flew as fast as he could through the turbo lift. He wasn't sure if the Gytenare was still alive and didn't plan to find out the hard way. He was also concerned about being on a death trap of a ship that could blow up any second now.


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