A new power rises

The effects of the dissolution of UBC and subsequent collapse of the galactic cryptocurrencies hit hard the sovereignty of Cornidia. Once the economic leader in its' region, the one world nation succumbed to a holocaust of poverty, civil war, and eventually, revolution. In the following years the head on attacks of Armadan raiding parties especially would eventually push the willing few to inspire that revolution. Government and military alike could not help the people then, or even just before the coup, when they promised a universe of reform and security against the War between the High Council and The Armada. Realistically, the people's faith died when businesses and the wealthy left Cornidia in droves.

It only took one impoverished yet zealous thinker to spark the fire of change. One day this individual watched from under his shoddy silicate refugee shelter, looking up at the distant cityscapes, as innumerable bright dots arched over, around, and through buildings; delayed but audible crackles followed their launches and impacts. It was yet another Armadan ground assault. The largest Cornidia had suffered in the first years of the War.
Their locust-like tactics allowing them to move anywhere and everywhere. Occasionally in this five hour firefight, a sizeable warship would crawl over the city and sprinkle payloads of unrestricted weapons all over Armadan forces. Every time it would have to retreat within the first minute of bombardment, as all Armadan fire would angle towards the incredibly fragile underbelly, in hopes of hitting a bomb and letting a chain reaction blow the cruiser out of the sky. Every time, however, they failed, and from the thinker's view all Armadan positions became visible thanks to billowing smoke, some of which of abnormal colours. From each point of smoke, the trails of bullets ceased, never to return. That day he knew he had to take charge or witness the eradication of all he had ever known. The day he lost his leg to friendly fire.

He, the thinker, grew further nauseated by the day as government broadcasts regularly issued evacuation warnings against invaders and marauders. Knowing his abilities and wanting control of events, he struggled to comprehend why he chose to stay in the slums, rather than enlighten the masses and change the direction of Cornidian history.
But that day it all changed and that was exactly what he did. All it took was for him to lose a piece of himself.
Months of underground speeches followed, clandestine broadcasts to holoviewers worldwide, and regular meetings with small pockets of resistance that were forming outside the collapsed government sphere of influence, all would culminate in the night of the revolution.
Though not on the scale of the battle he had witnessed over the city years earlier, the armed takeover of Parliament and forced surrender of government members, concluded in blood and bullet holes lining the floors, walls, and other people; militants and bystanders.

The thinker pulled all attention from the destruction to himself as he stood upon the front steps of Parliament, preaching to his unashamed warriors all over the court yard.
"We have done it, comrades, we have done it. The incompetent elite of our world, who failed to protect those for whom they were responsible, are a past memory that will soon enough be wiped by the glorious times that are to come. We now decide the future, from this bloodied building". Though not a great mouthful, those words resonated with each revolutionary, and as such became the final catalyst that allowed the thinker to attain their absolute obedience.

Years have passed since the revolution, and the thinker has further expanded the borders of the new Cornidia beyond its' original single-planet constituency. They weathered the Bloodshed Uprising and eventually not only were new geographies absorbed, but also whole factions, societies, and other would be fiefdoms. The vacuum power left by the High Council the perfect grounds for a new interstellar superpower, he concluded, was now not a single political entity, but a union of like-minded powers. From the signing of the first absorption of a faction into the union (specifically, a Gorak trading bloc), a name was decided upon by the thinker and his Junta.

The Union of Supreme Systems and Factions

"From now and into the future, I, Zanikov Denoslav, Supreme Chairman of the Union of Supreme Systems and Factions, dedicate my power to instilling order in every region that can be reached. I wish upon all worlds the avoidance of a revolution like the one that mine had no choice but to endure."

~ Supreme Chairman Zanikov Denoslav at the first USSF Junta.

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