Battle of the Silence System

- A reflective commentary on the fall of the UBC and the furrow of destruction plowed through the field of the galaxy by the rampaging Armada. -
excerpt from the field journals of Arkady 'Sunlion' Crylic during the Bloodshed Uprising to his fellow Bedouin Cartographers. -

"This place in space had been relatively unknown in the annals of history for aeons. It was a system like millions of others throughout the galaxy. It contained only one obscure and deserted unnamed planet and two smallish moons.
No resources of note, no significant life forms, ancient artefacts or vestiges of noteworthy civilisations.
A few extreme survivalist settlers grinded a meagre existence from its hard and unforgiving soil and were pretty much oblivious to events elsewhere as the celestial sphere of the cosmos turned and spun, ever forwards above their heads.

That was all about to change. For hundreds and even thousands of cycles in the future this system will be spoken in hushed and reverent tones throughout the known galaxy and its peoples.
For if the fall of the UBC and the collapse of the galactic cryptocurrencies was the cataclysm for the Galactic Depression and the chaos that engulfed all sentient beings afterwards, the battle that took place in this system would forever be known as the opening salvo in the Bloodshed Uprising, when The Armada took on the might of High Council.

Scavengers and treasure hunters will flock to the vast debris fields left by this first battle in search of forbidden technologies and blueprints of forgotten days for hundreds of cycles afterwards. They in turn will be followed by traders, dealers and marketers who will come to buy and flog their wares.
Scientists will arrive and study the broken moons orbiting the Shrine world below, as it was later come to be known.
Chroniclers and historiographers will arrive to witness first hand the terrible devastation that took place here and the subsequent impact in the lives of trillions and will fall silent in awe at the senseless waste of life that the conflict sowed.
Emergent military galactic leaders will conduct field trips and exercises to study the tactics employed by both sides during the void battle. The 1st main battle of the Bloodshed Uprising will become legend.

And amongst all this, people of different races, cultures and creeds will travel to pay their respects to the fallen or simply to witness the place that became infamous and synonym with death.
Pilgrimages will arise and became cultural phenomenon and the shroud of obscurity that for so long covered this system will be lifted. It cannot be any other way, I feel.

Here at the Battle of the Silence System, The Armada faced the High Council forces for the first time in numbers so large and rarely seen in recent history. Their path of devastation to the Galactic core led to this day. Hundreds of systems pillaged and plundered, ploughed under their relentless drive to the Centre. Hundreds more under their control and yoke feeding their new and emergent war machine.
Here at the Battle of the Silence System, The Armada faced the High Council might. Power harnessed over millennia. And pushed them back.

The blood toll claimed in those long cycles of maddening violent congress, by both sides, would ultimately dictate the outcome of the Bloodshed Uprising.
The Galaxy held its breath and trembled as The Armada limped forwards as a stubborn wounded juggernaut towards the High Council seat of power. Towards the Galactic Core. Towards the Atlas..."

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