Location - Planet Cornidia - USSF Homeworld - Dorian Fringe

Zanikov Denoslav stood looking over the capital city of his homeworld looking at the setting sun. It never failed to impress him how quickly his people had set up restoring their destroyed cities once he rose to power and gave the people guidance and purpose.
Looking at out from his room in the tallest tower of the city, after a long day of politics and ruling, always filled his heart with hope. Hope that together they could build the future he envisioned for all. A future of progress and order. A future without hunger and devastation. A future of prosperity.

Another two systems had petitioned and successfully joined the Union in the last week. The industrial hive worlds of the Chimaran and the asteroid agro-domes of the Kurin would be of incredible benefit to an already strengthening Confederation.
Although he always believed in the sanctity and power of his vision it never ceased to amaze him how far they had come in such a short time. To have acheived what the Union had in the last years of the Bloodshed Uprising was nothing short of miraculous.
The continuous influx of ex-GDF soldiers to their military ranks, men and women, looking for purpose after the collapse and almost total annihilation of the faction, helped their mission tremendously. Although many of their number had fallen to less lawful paths many still wished to be part of something bigger. To bring order to parts of the Galaxy.

No other force could now rival them in the Dorian Fringe, that was certain. They had established new trade routes, security forces for travellers in the void for protection against pirates and raiders and of course cooperative ruling that had increased the working and living conditions of their populations immeasurably.
He cast his mind to a recent report regarding the Dremica Empire. Details were sketchy and vague but it seemed like some sort of coup had taken place and the old order had been replaced with more bloodthirsty leaders.
It seemed like the Dremica were divided between those that followed the old ways and these power hungry newcomers. Civil war was a very strong likelihood. And such a civil war could destabilise nearby systems. Something the Union could not tolerate.

Zanikov had gathered as much information as he could about the Dremica and their current state of affairs. He needed to study those reports further and decide what to do. He would need to discuss his views with the Junta of course but part of him felt this was the perfect opportunity for the USSF to showcase their new power to the Galaxy.
There was much to think about. Supreme Leader Zanikov looked out at the setting sun over his fair city once more with pride and return to his chamber once again.

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