The edge of Mass TXR-3
Zenkar just finished restoring order to the area, with that finished, he could return to base. Then he noticed something flying towards the ship. One of the co-pilots turn to him, "Sir we have incoming. They seem to be hundreds of spacecraft, all with about fifty or more passengers." Zenkar realized that the ships weren't meant for combat, not only that but they were refugees. "Try to contact the largest craft." The co-pilot nodded, "yes sir."
Soon they made contact, a white skinned humanoid woman with long white hair and golden eyes answer, "This is the vessel of the Or- Zenkar! You're alive!" Zenkar gave a smile, he knew her, "Indeed I am Rinona. What's with the ships?" The Angelic Dremica grimaced, "We are refugees try to escape the grasp of the new Dremica Imperium. Zenkar, they killed all the elders and-" Zenkar raised his hand, "I know, thankfully we have supporters in the USSF. I am the captain of this area, I give you permission to enter." One of the co pilots looked at him, "but sir!" He waved him off, "We shall actually take you to the base, Let's talk when we are on the base." Rinona nodded before hanging up. Zenkar had his ship lead the refugees to the USSF base. He also sent a message to the higher ups letting them know about the two hundred Dremica refugees heading to the base.

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