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Location - Horker Space Station - Zanadoo 5 system - Faryan Expanse

Cade pretended to drink the dark fiery liquid in his glass keeping a discrete eye on his target.
He couldn't believe his luck when he had seen the man down by the Hoarker docks. He brought up the information up again on his left eye lens.

+++Bounty: Archangel Nomad from The Armada
Regicide of the Oliak Royal Family
Last Seen: Aramar System
Wanted Dead or Alive: 20 star-blue diamonds/5ct+++

This particular bounty was massive. One of the largest he had ever seen for one single man. He was not surprised though, the target was a living legend. A terror of the Void. A Veteran of the Bloodshed Uprising, and if some rumours were true, the High Council had died by his hand.
Cade had quickly discarded the idea of trying to take him on his own and had already sent a subspace priority message to his team to join him as soon as possible. However they were a few jumps away from the station and would not arrive anytime soon.

Also the stations team of cyborg enforcers would quickly turn on him if he started any massive fight. The Hoarker station was a kind of safe haven and Harry the owner did not suffer any fools who disrupted the tenuous peace he offered to the patrons.
No, there was not much he could do on his own apart from keeping an eye on the man and hoping his team could get here on time. He couldn't take on this man plus the cyborg security forces on his own.
What he needed now was to gain some time and wait for reinforcements. A sense of dread came over him as he felt the man's eyes bore into him more and more often.

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