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Location - Horker Space Station - Zanadoo 5 system - Faryan Expanse

Cade sat in his booth listening to the blaring music and the undulating shapes of the dancers.
Nomad had left the bar a few hours ago in the company of the two dancers into one of the backrooms.
Cade knew that there was no other way out of that room and that his target would have to leave via the bar he has waiting at.
He looked at his chronometer on his ocular display. His team was still a few hours away. One more jump through the warp and they would be here.

Cade considered talking to Harry and offering part of the Bounty to the owner of the station to allow them to capture Nomad at the premises but quickly put it out of his mind.
Harry was an old school cat. He would never go for it. Cade and his team were going to have to fight their way out of this station with their prize, he knew that with certainty already.
He drained his cup one last time. He had taken part of many bounties and never felt this nervous before. His palms were sweating and he could not shake the sensation of dread from the pit of his stomach.
~Keep it together, Cade. You need to focus. Just another job. Just another job.~ he closed his eyes and took a long deep breath. He got up to go to the bar and get a refill.

He made his way to the long bar and waved at the barkeep for service. Just than he felt a hand on his shoulder and he tensed.
"Next one is on me pretty boy..." a voice boomed in his ear.
Cade slowly turned looked at the dark pupils and scarred faced of Nomad of The Armada.

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