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Location - Bax system - Xorel Cloud

Councillor Twilight stood looking at the void and the assembled Armadan forces from her chamber. She almost could not believe they had come this far and gathered so much power under their banners in the last ten years. It was something unprecedented even in the long history of the fleet.
In another age her and her fellow Councillors had escaped an ancient conflict, defeated and hounded by enemies with only what were now known as the five Elder vessels and their loyal crews. She could hardly recall those days now of running and scavenging, of hunger and death. But every time she looked at the fleet she could recall the hardships and the sacrifices made that led them to this point in time. The Armada had taken on the High Council, the established order of millennia and won.

Looking over the flotilla it was like looking at a living history book of the Armada. A patchwork map of all those they had fought and assimilated in their journey.
A squad of Dalarian War Birds from the Prime Wars in the Octar sector glided by her view-port, a group of cutters from the Matriarch society of Livos and two pleasure slave ships captured from the Concubines of Argalium in a daring attack against the Protectorate of Khaliat, glistened with the light of the systems blue dwarf star.
Old with age and appearing to simply exist through the will of the gods of the void and the ministrations of old black fingered women, was a group of solar sailed Helioninan Sun Chariots captured along the belts of Caterian, their glory days long pass but still an imposing view.
A powerful Talian Dreadnought could be seen in the distance dwarfing other vessels, a fine prize from the Hushed Dissension on the Clupel Nebula and its infidel theocracies. Her gaze followed the path of eight slick metal grey Trapper Sharks cutting the void with grace. The last remnants of the Principality of Numbos and its aeon long terror reign of the Gaiato twin systems followed closely by some Naus slave frigates liberated from the now extinct Bazaars of Gehenna and their Master's of Virtue, whose many skulls adorned the same hulls.

Everywhere she looked, proof that she and her fellow councillors path had been a most successful one. One of struggle, for sure, but one that she alone had endured and survived. And to think, if not for one of their first raids into the territories of the Deranged Mandilian Fraternities in the Ember's rim most outer edges, she would not be here to oversee what began so long ago, with five vessels bent on revenge. And how plundering their forbidden and outlawed sciences had wield the secrets of virtual immortality.

Twilight caught a glimpse of her form in the mirror to her left. She was pleased with this sleeve. She could wear it for another 20 cycles or so before another being grown in the genetic vats of the Bumanian Apothecary vessel was needed.
A chime echoed in the dimness of her room. A priority message routed to her and the other Councillors. She sat at her desk playing it several times not believing what she saw in the attached data. She opened a channel to Ahl and Illsent. Master Artificiers of the Black Finger Lodge.
If the message from this former Bedouin Cartographers was true, the Armada needed to secure this fragment of the Atlas.
She started to wonder if they should re-route Nomad to the auction.

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