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Location - Planet Orcantus - Olian Cloud

After a long and uneventful deep space run he loved nothing to do but run for a few hours. Get his blood pumped and his muscles relaxed. Nomad decided to wait for the final coordinates to the auction and the mysterious Zendichez at this small unassuming planet in the Olian Cloud. Orcantus was one of three planets in the small solar system orbiting a pale yellow star. At the edges of the system his instruments detected a smallish space station but he ignored it making for the unremarkable second planet.

His scans from orbit showed him very little of interest and few land creatures that he could hunt for food and two small settlements in one of the largest continents of the planet. During his run he stopped only to gather some purple Psilocybin that would help with the next long warp jump.
As he came to a stop atop a ridge overlooking what could well be an ocean or some massive lake he breathed in the pure fresh air. It tasted almost nauseatigly sweet after weeks of the stale recycled air aboard his ship and space stations.
The sun was dropping over the horizon as he settled with his back to a rock formation sitting on the orange grass.

The display in his visor told him the temperature was dropping fast, as the last rays of sunshine reached the surface of this world. Places like this in the Galaxy were a haven. One could almost forget everything and all deeds.
Necessity was the mother of invention, the old saying went through The Armada and he had done nothing more than to reinvent himself over and over again. Thorugh trials and tribulations, through war and death. All Armadan children knew how to pilot a craft even before they stopped nursing and could work the engines of a plethora of engines and maintenance systems necessary to maintain the pirate flotilla cruising through space in their endless cycles.

He closed his eyes feeling the last vestiges of warmth of the setting sun against his skin, wiping the sweat from his scarred face. Nomad would gather more resources that his last jump had depleted, have a few hours sleep and hopefully study a bit more about the item he was to procure and how to secure it.

Maybe he could even find the time to hunt for the Beast. Orcantus was known as the homeworld of some huge aquatic pre-historic animal that haunted the depths of its oceans. Although out of the beaten track, wealthy hunters and thrill seekers were known to have visited the planet it in the past searching for it. Before the War.
One day he would return and hunt for the the albino leviathan that stalked the seas of this world. As he looked out to the waters, he briefly wondered why this world had been named Orcantus, as twilight engulfed him...

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