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And waiting...

Location - Planet Orcantus - Olian Cloud

He lay in the orange grass looking at the bright blue sky, soaking the warm ultraviolet rays of this systems yellow star. The sun was at its zenith and he was already completely dry after his swim in the nearby lake.
For the first few Sols on this planet he had done little more than run, swim, eat and rest during the long day cycle of this world. It felt good to let go of all worries and empty his mind of all thoughts and decisions.

During the night cycles he would peer into his ships and personal logs gazing in wonder at what he had seen on his voyages in the last decade, stretched in his bunk bed, waiting for sleep to take him. He had travelled through countless systems, conquered and brought havoc to hundreds of worlds. He had killed thousands upon thousands of enemies. He had witness wonders it seemed that even know he doubted were real or the product of a delirious mind.

5 Sols into his stay in Orcantus he found a beacon and a he explored the area around his makeshift camp and found a small hab-hub, not far behind some hills. He scanned it for a few hours and observed a small reptile humanoid tending what appeared to be a Cucrassula farm. Eventually he made contact.
The old reptile appeared extremely excited to see another life form, albeit one that was completely scarred, and insisted they spent sometime together. The older reptile, named Gorok, bombarded the Archangel with questions on his travels, on the states of the Galaxy at large and a myriad of subject matters over a few glasses of what turned out to be alcohol distilled from Skywort roots. The liquid was crystal blue and appeared to lower your core temperature as you ingested if only for a few heartbeats.

While Gorok droned and droned about his life in Corcantus, the veteran pirate found himself thinking if he was not yet again speaking with another ghost. Gorok had an unusual metal plate in his beak, an old battle wound but one that he did not talk much about when asked.
"Life is hard." he would only say stroking it absently as if remembering old ghosts.

Over the next couple of Sols Nomad visited Gorok and discovered that he had been assigned to this system to learn more about the habits of the races that lived and prowled this part of space and its worlds. This area of space was of interest to the his race due to some mysterious electrical lifeforms thought to inhabit it.
Over the years however he had lost the ability to communicate with his homeworld and was forgotten. His warp drive damaged in an asteroid shower had taken his ability to travel from the system and return home. Nomad could see he had been here far too long. His home had forgotten about him and he in turn had made a life surviving in this small obscure world toiling to simply stay alive. A simple life.
His interested peaked slowly when Gorok showed him that he had map of several routes he had been observing used by pirates to escape law enforcer agencies before he lost the engine of his ship and a few interesting mechanical blueprints.

Nomad offered to look at the old reptilian being ship to see if he could help fix it but the man waived the offer. It had been to long. He had cannibalised most of his ships components to aid in his survival in Orcantus. And even if he hadn't he did not want to leave after all this time. He enjoyed his simple life away from all the pressures of the Galaxy. He was happy.

Later that day back in his camp, watching the dying embers of his fire, he marvelled at the new blueprint he traded with Gorok for something called an Hazmat Gauntlet. A handful of Night Crystals appeared a small price to pay for a possible component to his exo suit that appear to allow one to handle toxic and hazardous resources. He made his way to his old ship as the fire flickered out of existence.

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